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Hampshire Scout Section

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Hampshire was one of the largest areas in Aux Units, based on the number of patrols. It would therefore be expected to have two Scout Sections. It is known that the Wiltshire Regiment provided one section that was based in the New Forest. The other, though logically formed from the Hampshire regiment, possibly came from the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Chalton Patrol Auxilier John Budden refers to men of this regiment being involved in their training and also transport to Coleshill House.

It is likely that the two patrols would have been reduced and combined in mid 1943. Pte Chippy Saunders from the Wiltshire Scout Section appears to have been one of those that initially remained, before he subsequently left for the SAS, who recruited from the Scout Sections in the run up to D Day

Royal Warwickshire Scout Section


Lt unknown

Other Ranks

Sgt Name not known
Cpl Name not known
Pte x10 Names not known
Driver RASC Name not known
driver/batman Name not known

The names of the men in this unit are entirely unknown. At least four men from the Royal Warwickshire Regiment joined the SAS, though it has not been possible to confirm any links to Aux Units.

N Lewis 5111040 1 SAS
J Turner 5111086 1 SAS
D Philips 5117652 2 SAS
C Gaskin 5126401 1 SAS


Possibly Horndean or Bishops Waltham, where 1, Brook Street was listed as the Hampshire Intelligence Officer’s base.


The standard transport for a Scout Section was an Austin 2 seater car and a 15cwt lorry, both with RASC drivers. The men normally also had bicycles.


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