Mar 232018

It is with sadness we report the passing of Auxilier, Victor Stemp.

Victor was part of the Great Bealings Patrol.

Their training was carried out by regular army soldiers based at Framlingham, including Capt Hoberton, Sgt Barry and four privates. They learnt about setting booby traps and how to move about without being seen. Victor also remembered training with grenades at GHQ Coleshill.

Our condolences to his family.

We understand that his funeral is on Tuesday at Great Bealings and his daughter has kindly arranged for any donations to be made to the BRO (British Resistance Org) Museum

At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.


Mar 232018

CART have been busy this spring documenting O.B.s in West and North Dorset. The Whitchurch Canonicorum, Alton Pancras and Child Okeford Patrol O.B.’s have been located.












*Please note where the O.B.’s are on private land, permission was obtained.


Mar 232018

We are saddened to report the untimely death of Jack Northover before Christmas.

Jack was the last surviving member of the Wrackleford Patrol near Dorchester, Dorset. His father and brother were also involved in the Patrol. An Aux Memorial Plaque was unveiled in the village of Stratton in May 2017 attended by Jack in good health.

Jack said: “I am honoured that what we have done is being remembered in this way. I appreciate the number of people turned up. It means everything to us to be recognised like this.”

Follow this link to the Wrackleford Patrol including video interview and Memorial unveiling

According to Jack, the aerodrome at Woodsford, RAF Warmwell, was a target. During an exercise, he and other Auxiliers crawled across the airfield in the dark, past the guards. They attached tags to the planes, all fighters, to show they were “hit”. The CO was so mad, that he cancelled all passes for a week!

Our condolences to his family.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Mar 212018

Have just finished Laura Quigley’s highly readable South West Secret Agents: True Stories of the West Country at War. She weaves captivating threads of daring deeds that includes; “rescue operations as the exodus from France began, to the secret guerrilla army in Devon and Cornwall, this book will amaze and intrigue with the incredible stories of Jasper Lawn of N51, the Helford Flotilla and the first escape routes for POWs, agents and crashed airmen”.

Laura will be talking on the subject at Spurgeon Hall, Mutley Baptist Church, Mutley Plain, Plymouth PL4 6LB, on 24th April, 2018, 7:30pm. Free entry, donations welcome.

Mar 192018
CART will be at the West Somerset Steam Railway on Sunday 25th March, 2018 at Minehead Station (TA24 5BG). This is part of their Spring Gala, and new Military event (22nd – 25th March). This event also includes a genuine WW2 military steam train with military vehicles on WD flat and box wagons (a rare thing to see), as well as military vehicles at Minehead, and other displays / stands on the station platform.
Look out for more upcoming events throughout 2018

Mar 192018

Tom Sykes has been running the CART site for nearly 9 years. His vision and enthusiasm for Auxiliary Unit research has been outstanding. He has decided to step down from the daily running of CART. Tom’s inspiration has provided a platform for researchers and the general public alike, seeking out the stories of the brave men and women of the Auxiliary Units. CART has become a well known and respected organisation that continues to be invited to events all around the country educating people about this important aspect of our history. Thank you Tom.

Mar 192018

Hello ! and welcome to 2018. Yes a little late on the New Years greetings, but rest assured the CART team are busy behind the scenes, working very hard to keep you up to date with research and public events !


Dec 052017

It’s with a sad note that I write this email.

After nearly nine years of running CART I have decided to step down as the groups Leader in the New Year. I will take a back seat and with an occasional video production role moving forward.

This decision has been reached for a few reasons for which I will explain below. The first thing I want to say is CART is not stopping and will continue under a new leadership team. Nina Hannaford has been appointed by the team as the new Chair and her email address is Please address any general or specific aux emails to her from now on. My email address will stay active for at least the next 3 months as the handover process is very complex. The CART team, albeit smaller than in previous years, is very strong and has attended more events this year than any other. The incredibly dedicated team have had to adjust to my news and have adapted accordingly to incorporate all the admin work for which I thank them for.

The main goal for them is to address the issue with our new website and plan for the future how they will handle this. I am sure the new administration will keep you informed of this over the next few months.

As you may know I set up a simple website in June 2009 to track what I was learning about this little known band of men and women. Little did I know then that years later the Auxiliary Units would be much better known across the UK and marching down Whitehall. My interest in Aux Units were born out of a fascination of World War Two and my love of all things clandestine. Two things I am still very much interested in. When CART was set up my work situation was very different meaning I had a vast amount of spare time and as a creative person I was very unsatisfied. CART gave me a platform to delve into this creativity through web design, video production and event organisation. I also had the time to conduct my own Aux research, mainly at GHQ Coleshill.

In the last 4 years, and as CART grew, the demands on my time as the sole administrator became greater and greater. All my “CART time” was being devoted to website updates, running the shop, membership etc etc and I didn’t have the time to research anymore. As the year’s past I felt more and more isolated from the main researching team because of this. This was not their fault it was just the way things were. I had created this large organisation so I felt it was my responsibility to keep it going. I had a few times invited members of our researching team to help take on some of my admin roles like membership secretary etc allowing me to have a more fulfilling time with CART but they decided they would rather stay focused on research which I respect. It was also decided by the team that a committee and charitable status was not the way forward for us at that time. I think this may now change.

In 2016 I become self employed running a video production company ( and this seems to drain all my spare time, as any sole trader will know. Around this time Nina very kindly took on the bulk of the general email enquiries and this has helped, but I still don’t have the time to give to CART sadly.

My priority was to ensure that CART has firm foundations moving forward and the team, under Will Ward’s guidance, have recently sent me a document that outlines their intention for CART’s future which I am very pleased with. I am sure they will make this public in due course. The transition is going to take approx 3 months to implement so please be patient.

I have had an amazing time meeting you all and helping you discover more about your families Aux involvement and I want to thank you for your support of our research over the years and also the people that do the real work, our researching team, if it wasn’t for them there would be no website..

I also want to mention two men who were very dear to me and always immensely helpful & kind. They fired up my imagination, drove me forward, and made this history real for me. National Trust Head Warden Keith Blaxhall and Auxilier Bob Millard. Sadly both men are no longer with us but it’s fair to say if it wasn’t for them my little website would have never flourished.

If you wish to make a note of my new email for the future it’s

Thanks again and please continue to support CART’s amazing and tireless work.

Dec 042017

For the last few years our team have been working on bringing Coleshill House (Part of the general Auxiliary Unit Training HQ on the Coleshill estate) back to life.

This is a draft version of where we are at so far with a great Christmas theme. Thanks to Ian Edwards and Bill Ashby for all their hard work.

We would like to wish all our supporters and followers a very Merry Christmas.

Sep 252017

We have sadly learnt of the death of Auxilier Reginald ‘Reg’ John Shattock of North Petherton. Reg passed away on the  7th September 2017 aged 97yrs. We were informed of the news by the Shattock family via Tim Wray.

Reginald Shattock joined North Petherton Patrol (nr Bridgwater, Somerset) after leaving the local Home Guard unit that he was in. His local Home Guard Commander was unhappy with this so Reg had to leave the Operational Patrol and he was transferred to the Special Duties Branch were he was connected to Chirnside 3A at Spaxton nr Bridgwater. Lt Col John Ingram DSO was in charge of this SD Sub Out Station.

We suspect Reginald must have been about the only person that served in both branches of the Auxiliary Units. In 2016 he was interviewed on camera by the South West Heritage Trust. You can see this film here

Our condolences to his family.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them.