Feb 222012

Today we have appointed Dr Stephen Day BA, PhD as our resident Archaeologist.

Steve started his working life as an electrical engineer but after re qualified with the Open University and has now worked in archaeology for over 20 years, largely in Wales and England (although recent projects have taken him as far afield as Greece and America) and now owns a specialist Environmental-Archaeological Company based in Swansea.

Steve has directed many excavations, including those on the new museum site in the city of York and the excavation, recording and removal of a Roman mosaic found there Steve has specialist knowledge of Industrial Archaeology with publications including a book based on his PhD research on the lead mines of Wales and a volume on recent discoveries in the gold mines of Wales.

Steve has a particular expertise in Geophysics, GIS systems including analysis and use of Lidar data in topographic mapping including implementation and management of geophysical surveys.

Steve has always had a love of all things military, and even has a couple of vehicles, (big boys toys, as seen in the image above)

Feb 212012

Phil Evans, CART’s CIO for Kent, spent all day on Sunday at the OB clearing it out with the help of a friend.

The first part of the visit was spent measuring bits they had missed on the last trip. Then they made some temporary fixes to the ventilation system to stop debris blocking them. The final job for this trip was to clear the silt from in-between the walls where the water tank sat. Very hard work but they managed to achieve their goal. Worst bit over hopefully!!

Follow Phil’s work here

Feb 022012

We have now published the Stage Two report for our Coleshill Uncovered project.

It can be downloaded here

Thank to John Winterburn and Anna Gow for producing the report and to the National Trust for allowing us permission to access the site.

Jan 122012

Today marks a very special day for CART.

In November 2010 CART CIO for Coleshill, Bill Ashby, a retired Halcrow Engineer teamed up with fellow CART member Ian Edwards.  Bill and Ian were soon formulating a plan to digitise the little information that was then available of Coleshill House and the outbuildings.

Using historical photos and a few basic drawings they have produced a set of drawings of the house, Stable Block and Clockhouse. The intention is to create a full 3D video walk through of the exterior and interior.

Ian has also created some visualisations of the site and inside of the house using AutoCAD, Sketch-up and 3D StudioMax software.

See a video presentation of the plans and more here


Dec 112011

Dr. Will Ward, CART CIO for Dorset, has provided info on the Came Park Patrol from Dorset.

The patrol’s Operational Base was apparently built by soldiers of the Dorsetshire Regiment stationed in the town, which was the home of the Regimental Depot. This was most unusual but the men were apparently extremely secretive about what they had done, despite the interest of their colleagues.

Read the full report here


Nov 262011

Robert Hardman writes a great article about the British Resistance in today’s Daily Mail.

He interviewed our Welsh researcher, Sallie Mogford at the Langstone Patrol’s OB and also went to the reconstructed OB at Usk castle for the images in the piece.He also talks about the film ‘Resistance‘ which was released in selected cinemas yesterday.

You can read his full article in the paper today or an online version here

Nov 032011

Today we have appointed Andy Chatterton as our volunteer Press Officer.

Andy is a PR director at a London PR agency and has over 10 years’ experience in communications.

He has always been fascinated with WWII and specialised on the era during his History degree writing a dissertation on D-Day.

After coming across the Auxiliary Units from reading the David Lampe book ‘Last Ditch’ Andy is now using his experience to help CART reach those surviving members of the Aux Units and their relatives through the press. With notable recent successes in the Westcountry Andy is now looking to extend the reach across new regions and the national and broadcast media.

You can contact Andy on 0872 045 9940 (Option 3) or email cartpress@gmail.com

Oct 282011

You have the chance to take part in a unique event that allows you to learn more about the Auxiliary Units from the comfort of your own home.

CART is planning to hold a ‘virtual’ online conference in 2012 which will see some of the country’s leading researchers on the Auxiliary Units give talks over 12 hours.

The event will utilise simple downloadable software which will allow you to see the speaker, chat in a live chat window to them and others and view PowerPoint slides etc.

Before we can plan this event we need YOUR feedback. Please have your say about the event here

Oct 142011

A few little facts about us….

  • We are the only national voluntary group researching the British Resistance.
  • We have nearly 400 pages on our website.
  • We have produced more than 120 unique CART reports on patrols around the UK.
  • Our website is visited by nearly 200 unique people a day.
  • We have official CART researchers in most key counties.
  • We have no external funding or grants.
  • We have produced 2 DVD’s and published a book.

See more about us here