Feb 012015

Patrick Barrett OBE

Patrick John Fox Barrett OBE passed away on 6 January 2015.

After serving in Somerset with the Langridge Auxiliary Unit Patrol he was drafted into the Royal Navy towards the end of the war and helped sail Lend Lease landing craft across the Atlantic back to the United States, an experience he later described as ‘bilious.’

He then served with the Colonial Service, Commonwealth Office and finally the Diplomatic Service in such places as the Solomon Islands, Nigeria, Malaysia and Italy.

He was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) while working at the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur for services to British- Malaysian relations. His last overseas post was as British Consul at Venice.

In 1994 he attended an Aux reunion in GHQ Coleshill along with Ron Hatchard and Ken Cleary, both no longer with us.

In July 2000 he attended the National Reunion at the BRO Museum in Parham, Suffolk with his wife Veronica.

He passed away peacefully at home with his wife by his side.

Patrick Barrett OBE, ready to serve when called. 

We will remember them….

Jan 232015

North Somerset Scout Section 3We have added a new report on the North Somerset Scout Section to the site.

The role of the Scout sections was to assist in training the Auxiliary Unit Patrols as well as being a fighting Patrol themselves. In many places they also helped with the construction of Operational Bases and distributing concealed arms dumps.

This research was largely been carried out by Donald Brown, author of ‘Somerset v. Hitler.’ and has been updated and added to by Nina Hannaford our CIO for Devon.

You can read the report here. 

Jan 062015

Edgarley SD 2Edgarley ‘Chirnside Five’ – Special Duties Radio OUT Station has today been added to our Special Duties Branch microsite.

The Special Duties wireless set was recorded as operating out of a hut or box at Edgarley Manor Farm, Edgarley in Somerset. This was concealed as, or part of, a chicken house that was located between the farm house and Wick Lane.

There is some doubt over the actual operators of the station but the landowners (Captain) Kenneth and Dorothy Marsh have ideal credentials to be involved. Locally it is suggested a woman was the main operator.

Read Nina Hannaford’s full report here 

Jan 042015
Picture by  Nigel Freeman.

Picture by Nigel Freeman.

We have added a patrol report on the Bruton Auxiliary Unit Patrol in Somerset to the site.

The patrol consisted of eight members and they famously produced an impressive pyrotechnic display, with left over explosives for VE Day which managed to deafen a local piano tuner.

Read more on the report created by Nina Hannaford here

Mar 202013

Admiralty 1 Patrol 1943 to 44When war was declared a section of the Admiralty headquarters were moved to Bath. Initially scattered around the city making use of requisitioned hotels, they eventually moved into more suitable locations such as at Fox Hill and purpose built military hutments at Ensleigh, Landsdown Road.

There were five Admiralty patrols, Number 1 at Kelston Park, 2 at Langridge, 3 at Warminster Road, 4 at Prior Park and 5 at Newton Park, Newton St. Loe.

All five Admiralty Patrols were recruited from those working for the Admiralty so there was a high turn over of patrol members as men were posted elsewhere through work.

Nina Hannaford, CART CIO for Devon has now added a patrol report to the site on Admiralty 1 Patrol. It can be seen here

Sep 062011

Today CART CIO for Devon, Nina Hannaford submitted a report on the Golding Special Duties Section Zero Station bunker in Somerset.

Very little is known about the Special Duties Section and even less about this location.

If you can help please email cartdevon@gmail.com

See more on the location here