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The Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team (CART) provide an internal network for dedicated researchers who focus on the British Resistance. Its supporters believe this history should be made public, so its findings are published on the British Resistance Archive (BRA) website.

CART consists of carefully selected volunteer historians and published writers known as County Information Officers (CIOs).

CART is non-profit making and has no financial support from any company or organisation. It is funded solely by occasional small donations and the revenue it makes from the sale of various items sold in the shop.David Blair and CART Scotland

Since CART's birth on 29th June 2009 the website, which contains more than 1,300 pages of research, has seen over 600,000 visitors and its findings have attracted TV, radio and national press attention.

As well as the ability to search for a relative on the BRA website, CART also provides a personalised regional search through one of its County Information Officers (CIOs). 

In the last 7 years CART's CIOs have spent many hours in archive centres, libraries and on-line as well as reading all the published work on the subject and networking with other researchers. This history is still very secret and a lot is still not talked about and hidden. It takes time for them to obtain the information and because of this patrol reports are updated over a period of years.

A few of the CART Team

CIOs represent CART and have direct contact with the public. Their research is then published on the BRA website. In return for this dedication they have access to an internal research hub which contains hundreds of documents which for various reasons cannot be made public. Some information is donated to CART for internal review only. In the main this research does end up on the site but maybe not in the original way it was delivered.

CART organised a march for the British Resistance contingent on Remembrance Sunday 2013 at the Cenotaph. It was the first time members of the Auxiliary Units have marched and was a very important day for Auxiliers as they have never had official recognition by the British government.

In the last 6 years CART has launched an Archaeological survey of the GHQ at Coleshill called ‘Coleshill Uncovered’. It has taken part in the Langton Matravers Auxiliary Unit Memorial Plaque Presentation. Understanding the importance of preserving the Operational Bases, CART launched ‘Operation Turnip', a project to restore a real Operational Base in Kent.

Filming in Wales


In 2011 CART created a unique film on the Welsh resistance for the Abergavenny Museum and published 'Gone to Ground', the only known novel by an Auxilier. The Coleshill Reborn project was also launched which investigated the tunnel system under Coleshill House and produced a full set of CAD technical drawings of Coleshill House and the outbuildings.



CART's Bill Ashby with Capt Ian Benson

CART has also organised many events, most notably at Tottington Manor, the regional Aux training HQ in Sussex. This saw Sussex Intelligence Officer Captain Ian Benson, return after 70 years and talk for the first time to the public about his top secret work.

The team are always looking for new volunteers and researchers to help expand their knowledge and resources.

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'I fully support CART’s mission to honour their bravery. Their vital work should remain secret no longer.' - Justin Tomlinson MP

CART members at Parham

Some of CART's researchers on a trip to Parham Airfield in 2010.

Bill Ashby researching

CART researcher Bill Ashby researching in 2011.