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Somerset Auxiliary Unit Members.

We have placed all the Auxiliers we are aware of currently on the patrol reports on the main county page.

This page lists known Auxiliers in the county who cannot be placed currently in a patrol due to a lack of information.

If you can help please do get in touch with us.

Admiralty Patrols 1 to 5

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Due to the high turnover of personnel, without further information, it is impossible to record all the members in their correct Patrols.

A list of patrol members, recorded for a reunion in 1950, lists many men that cannot be allocated a certain Patrol.

They are listed here :

Robert Christie discharged to join HM forces. Killed in action December 1943 on HMS Hyderabad
E C Claydon. Could have been in Admiralty 5. In 1950 was living in Eastbourne
F D Edwards
H Evans
S (or G) F Fowle. Joining 29th October 1942 he was discharged 29th December the same year as “Medically Unfit”. Lasting only two months this could well have been due to incident or accident rather than illness or infirmity.
S I Francis, lived at The Horse and Groom, East Woodlands.
T D Gray discharged to HM Forces February 1943
L Harman
Robert  K Hirst transferred to 51st Battalion HG June 1944
J Horner
John C W King, joined HM Forces September 1943. In 1950 was living in London.
H C Leng
John H  Lucking joined RAF December 1942. In 1950 was living in South Ruislip
H M Mathewson. In 1950 was living in Glasgow
G May, joined HM Forces May 1943. In 1950 was still living in Bath.
L J Runacres transferred to 6th Battalion Somerset HG December 1942. In 1950 was living in London.
N A Virgo
W Waters
N J Williams, joined HM Forces May 1950 was living in “First In and last Out” Bath.

The men were only brought together in Bath due to their work for the Admiralty. Post war, therefore, they have scattered around the country and even around the world.

Bath “Town Fighting Instructors”

It is unclear, at present, who these men trained. They may never have trained the Auxiliary Units but two are known Auxiliers.

Bath Town Fighting Instructors

Copyright J Wilson ( Russell Collection)

Back Row :  Hands,  Lester,   Hayers,   Mogg.
Front Row :  Marshall,   Miller,   PROBST,   Cooper,   Russell,   CANAVAN,   Goathard.

(Highlighted are known Auxiliers from Admiralty 5)

In command was Captain P.T. Williams, he was taking the photograph.

This group were known as “The Town Fighting Instructors” and their roll was to “train the others by demonstrations, exercises and lectures”. At this stage we are not sure who they were training.

When interviewed, Jack Russell recalled that they had a dummy of a German soldier and  they would regularly throw him out of tall buildings as a demonstration. This especially impressed their students when he was thrown from the top of the bomb damaged Rugby stand during a Military Tattoo.
“ We practised and taught street fighting in the shells of what was once a row of terraced houses.”

The photograph was taken in the Kingsmead area of Bath, close to the Theatre Royal, in the ruins of houses left after the Baedeker Raids of April 1942

Somerset Auxiliary Units 
  Rear: - unknown, Thomas David Oxenbury, John Robert Hillier, Unknown, George Hutchins
Middle: - John Denning?, unknown, unknown, unknown, Glyde Scammell, unknown, Henry Martin Daniel, Fredrick George Hughes
Front: - Arthur Frank Whetham, Denis George Ford, John Jones, Nigel Leonard Palmer, Lt. Eric George Loader, William Branwell Martin, William Henry Austin Whetham
This photo was taken of Auxiliary Unit members outside Yeovil police station. It came via Jeffrey Wilson who has written an excellent book on the Somerst Home Guard (a Pictorial Roll) and was originally Gerry Master's photo he is from Ilchester.
Lt Eric G.Loader was a farmer from Podimore.
Bob Hillier was a farm worker from Hainbury Mill Farm, Ilchester.
Henry Martin Daniel was ex Royal Navy.
Most are members of the 3rd Yeovil Bn
(Image kindly provided by the Gerry Masters Collection) 

CART CIO for Northumberland Stephen Lewins for Nominal Rolls.
Admiralty AU Association Nominal Roll, held at B.R.A
Hancock's data held at B.R.A
The Somerset Home Guard by Jeffrey Wilson.