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Alnwick/Shipley Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Alnwick/Shipley Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base in Northumberland. The info and images below have been supplied by CART's Northumberland CIO Stephen Lewins.

The patrol was based to the west of Alnwick in mid Northumberland.

Late 1940 or early 1941

Sgt Fred Kinch                 Cannongate, Alnwick  worked for the Duke with the Percy Hunt.
Cpl George E Wilson  Adon Crescent, Alnwick  A Garage Foreman
L/cpl E Morton               Hotspur Street An Electrician
Pte W H Baird             St. Georges Crescent A Laundry Mechanic/Engineer
Pte G C Cairns             Lisburn Street A Dental Technician
Pte J A Mack                Walkergate A Motor Mechanic
Pte J J Minary                York Road A Postman

The Operational Base has not yet been located even after several leads and hours of wandering. It is possibly just within the Dukes land and just east of Shipley.

Sgt Fred Kinch found the OB of the Swinhoe/Broomford patrol while out with the hunt. A hound went into the escape tunnel. Fred followed quickly bringing the dog out but realised exactly what he had stumbled upon. The hunt was quickly diverted away from the site and he said no more about his chance find.

There are several targets for the patrol, the Alnwick to Alnmouth railway line with its viaduct to the east of Alnwick. The Alnwick to Wooler railway line. This is to the west and north of Alnwick and seen as a possible route of German invasion if paratroops were dropped at Wooler. There were more tunnels and bridges on the railway branch lines along with the East Coast main line and the main A1 Edinburgh to London road. All had to be watched.

Locally on the Dukes estate away from public gaze. Also the Sgt. went to Coleshill and the patrol trained in Fife.

The “standard” Auxiliary weapons.

This was at the time a real fear. Military leaders were worried that if the Germans could get a foot hold in Northumberland and cut off Scotland then England may have to seek terms.

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