Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


Auxiliary Unit Scout Sections

This page was last updated on 11/10/14

 Lt Ashby      Jack Blandford  Tommy Cummings

Lt. W.Ashby – Scout Section Officer - UPDATED 11/10/14

Jack Blandford - Wiltshire Scout Aux Unit Patrol

Tommy Cummings - Royal Scots Scout Section

       Eric Dring  

Eric Arthur Dring – Lincolnshire South Scout Section Officer


CART members can be applauded for all their research successes – we now have a nominal roll of most of the civilian volunteers who joined Auxiliary Units.  We have a good number of reports on underground O.B’s. and that work continues.  What we don’t have is the story of how these guys were trained by the small groups of Regular soldiers – The Scout Sections.

The Scout Sections had an important part to play in the Defence of Britain.  The Germans were poised on the other side of the Channel waiting to invade.  The Scouts were given the task of rapidly training civilians to become aggressive saboteurs, assist in establishing a network of underground bunkers and hidden ammunition dumps, yet remain secret. 

Each County or Area would have one or two Scout Sections but we only know of 17 Scout Sections so far.  Of these we only know the names of personnel in three.


Auxiliary Unit Scout Sections

CART needs your expertise and asks that you endeavour to find out the names of the Scout Sections, list the personnel, who Commanded them, find out where their O.B’s. were, and get photographs.

Please help fill this gap in our research.

 If you have any info you think we should know about then please get in touch with us.