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Berriedale Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Auxiliary Units Number 1 Area
Area Group Commander: Captain A.J. Thomson
Assistant Group Commander: Captain W.A. Coutts     

Not known.

Sgt J.F Murray [Patrol Leader]
Cpl A. Thomson
Pte D. MacLeod
Pte J. Sutherland
Pte J.M Gunn   

Sgt John Murray was the head gardener at Langwell house and it was he who destroyed the OB after the war.

Situated west of Langwell Water opposite 'Weather Vane' and 'Turnal Rock'. Today the area is open and exposed, but was covered with deciduous trees during wartime, some thinning out post war and replanting. Nothing remains at the location of the OB. It was destroyed by a controlled explosive charge sometime in 1945.

Observation Post: Situated nearby and had a field telephone with Comm’s cable leading to the OB.

Not currently known.

Local within the grounds of the Langwell Lodge estate and also other training provided by Scout sections from the Seaforth and Cameron highlanders at Golspie and as far as Blairmore House.

Usual issued euipment.

Nothing currently.

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