Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


Further Reading on the British Resistance

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   1. Peter Wilkinson and Janet Bright Astley: Gubbins and S.O.E. 

   2. David Lampe: The Last Ditch. (Cassell and Co. 1968).

   3. Arthur Gabbitas: The British Resistance Organisation An article in Defence Lines, News Letter No.6 of the Defence of Britain Project. (Council for British Archaeology, November 1996).

   4. Donald Brown: Somerset versus Hitler (Countryside Books 1999).

   5. Stuart Macrae: Winston Churchill’s Toyshop (The Round world Press (Publishers) Ltd. 1971).

   6. Stewart Angell: The Secret Sussex Resistance (Middleton Press 1996).

   7. A.E.Cocks: Churchill’s Secret Army 1939-1945 (The Books Guild Ltd. 1992).

   8.  Major N.V.Oxenden M.C:  Auxiliary Units History and Achievement 1840-1944. Reproduction of an original document published by Parham Air Museum.

   9. David Carroll: Home Guard  (Sutton Publishing Ltd. 1999).

  10. J.W.Warwicker: With Britain in Mortal Danger (Cerberus Publishing Ltd. 2002).

  11. J.W.Warwicker: Churchill’s Underground  Army (Frontline Books 2008)

  12. Resisting the Nazi Invader by Arthur Ward (Pen & Sword 2013)

  13. The Mercian Maquis by Bernard Lowry & Mick Wilks (Logaston Press Oct 2007)