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Blakeney Auxiliary Unit Patrol and Operational Base.

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Thank you for selecting information on the Blakeney Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base in Norfolk. The info and images below have been supplied by Aux researchers Evelyn Simak and Adrian Pye.

The patrol formed part of Norfolk Group 11 which also included

Walsingham patrol, Alethorpe/Ailthorpe patrol, Thursford and Cley Patrol.

CO Lt LN Brook
2nd Sgt JE Taylor

It is currently unknown when the patrol was formed.

  TSCB 1/1 Sgt Hugh T Harcourt, Brecks Farm, Blakeney
  TSCB 1/7 Peter Harcourt (son of HT Harcourt, recruited when 16 – part-time member
  TRKJ 1/7 George Cubitt, New Barn, Blakeney **
  TSCC 10/5 John Edwin Betts, Shepley House, Blakeney
  TSCC 22/3 Ernie Parsons, Westgate Street, Blakeney
  TSCB 24/1 Stanley J Taylor, Saxlingham Road, Blakeney - discharched
  ?TSCB 154/1 Albert R Holman (possibly Cley patrol)
  TSCB 42/2 Alan C Hudson, Oakdene, Blakeney (part-time member)

The OB site was located in Blackthorn Covert, situated on the southern edge of Wiveton Downs a short distance west of Wiveton Road. The small woodland has since been cut down and the land transformed into arable. (See notes)

Blakeney Auxiliary Unit 1

Blakeney Auxiliary Unit 2

The OB was described to us as having been an Anderson Shelter.
It was pulled out of the ground and the farmer used the corrugated sheets for the construction of a few pig huts. No trace remains on the ground.

Observation Post/s:  Currently unknown

Currently unknown

Training at Coleshill, 2-week course at Leicester Square Farm, Syderstone and several Sunday mornings at Lodge Hill, Sheringham. 3 weeks at Sandown, Isle of Wight.

.303 Enfield rifles, striker board sewn to one trouser leg, dagger down the other leg, Smith & Wesson .38 revolvers.

Mr Cubitt (brother of patrol member George Cubitt) told us that there used to be a shed beside the public footpath that leads from Saxlingham Road to Wiveton Road. The patrol members used to store their bicycles in this shed, which was in the corner of a field beside Saxlingham Road, and walked to their OB by following the footpath in south-easterly direction. The footpath is still in place but both the shed and the OB are gone.

Peter Harcourt in: A Hoare, Standing up to Hitler (2002), Stephen Lewins CART CIO Northumberland; Mrs Janet Harcourt, Wiveton (personal interview); Geoff Cubitt, Blakeney (personal interview)

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