Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


Boldon Colliery Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Boldon Colliery Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base in County Durham. The info below have been supplied by CART's Northumberland CIO Stephen Lewins.

Part of North Yorkshire and County Durham 202 Bn GHQ Reserve Auxiliary Units Group No. 4
Captain J M Wilson Group C/O.
2 Lt Robson assisting.

Spring 1941

Sgt. J.R. Story          Boldon Colliery.
Pte. W.E. Reay        Boldon Colliery.
Pte. W. Lowes         Boldon Colliery.
Pte. J.T. Wardle       Boldon Colliery.
Pte. J.G. Hall           Boldon Colliery. (The surname should be Harle but it was listed wrongly.)
Pte. J.C. Inskipp      Boldon Colliery.
Pte. J. Trainer          Boldon Colliery.

Area No. 4 Commander was a Captain J.M. Wilson from Boldon Colliery and his 2i/c was 2 L/t W. Robson of Hartburn.

The OB may have been in the Colliery which is now gone and a nother possible site near Brockley Whins but no evidence as yet.

Port of Tyne, Sunderland Airfield  The Newcastle to Sunderland railway ship yards and factories on the south side of the Tyne.

Currently unknown.

Unknown, but it is assumed that they would have access to the “standard” Auxiliary weapons of a Browning Automatic Rifle, a Thompson Machine Gun and two Enfield rifles.

Nothing currently.

Currently unknown.

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