Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


Captain Ian J. W Benson – GHQ Staff Officer

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 Ian Benson  
Born: 17/04/1920
Parents: John Robinson Benson and Enid Wishaw
Educated: Privately Tutored
Died: 6th October 2012
Commissioned: Date Unknown Probably 1938 into the Wiltshire Regt (TA).



T/2nd Lt. [No. 76425]  4 Bn Wiltshire Regt (TA) based at Amesbury.


Wiltshire Depot, Devizes.  Adjutants Assistant.


Capt. Adjutant at Wilts Depot, Devizes - replacing C.F.G. Bond who departed to France with 2nd Battalion.



July 1942

Joined Auxiliary Units - I,O, Sussex.   replacing C.F.G. Bond who departed to GHQ Coleshill. Became 'Aux training Officer' covering all areas from Orkney Isles Southward.



1943 - 1944

Appointed Camp Commandant at GHQ Coleshill (Last Commandant at Coleshill)


Camp Commandant at end.  Med Discharged 12 Mar 1945

12.03.1945 Med Discharged with rank of Hon. Capt.

Listen to the two exclusive interviews with Captain Benson recalling his amazing time in the Aux Units below. Much of this info has never been heard before!

The full versions of these interviews (60 minutes total) are available on request.


Captain Benson talking in March 2011 at CART's Tottington Manor event.

(Information compiled by CART Researcher Bill Ashby with the phone interviews conducted by Steve Mason)