Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


British Resistance Archive @ Bletchley Park      

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We displayed at Bletchley Park's Forties Family Festival Weekend on May 25th and 26th 2013.

British Resistance Archive at Bletchley Park 


Exhibition - We displayed some of our research in the CART tent and provided the background to the various patrols around the UK. 

Re-Enactors - The "The Phantom Squadron" an Auxiliary Unit Re-enactment group appeared under the banner of the Northern WW2 Association and members of the Parham Patrol Re-enactment group demonstrated armed and un-armed combat as well as some blank firing displays.

Churchill - Winston Churchill (aka Alan Kempton) was also on our stand. He posed for pictures and gave a few of his famous speeches. 

Info Desk - CART County Information Officers (CIOs) from Devon, Yorkshire and the HQ at Swindon were on hand to answer any questions and help trace records of loved ones.


Weapons - Bill & Flora King and Peter Antill displayed various weapons & explosives used by the Auxiliary Units. It was a great chance to interact with the items used.



Shop - We are sold various items from our shop.







We broadcasted live video on both days on our social media channels and you can see the results below. You may need to let the films buffer before watching them all the way through.




Pictures can be seen below. (Can't see the pics? Try here.)



Our interview is at 14 mins and 20 seconds into the piece.