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Castle Rising Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Castle Rising Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base in Norfolk. The info and images below have been supplied by Aux researchers Evelyn Simak and Adrian Pye.

The patrol formed part of Norfolk Group 8 which also included

Narford Patrol, Middleton Patrol, Gayton Patrol, Mintlyn Patrol and Ashill Patrol

Group CO TRT1072186 Capt Jocelyn Leslie Hardy DSO MC, Washpit Farm, Rougham, King’s Lynn
2nd Lt Maurice Newnes, King’s Lynn (solicitor)

It is unknown when the patrol was formed.

THDL 118/1 Sgt Thomas Walter Garner (South Wootton) Farmer
TQES 54/1 Sgt Leonard Stanley Chester Warren (Wootton Road, K-L) auctioneer’s clerk
TSBH 120/1 Ernest Victor “Ernie” Drew (Castle Rising) farm worker
TRHY 166/1 Archie Hudson (Castle Rising) farm worker
TRNM 64/1 Arthur Edward “Ted” Masters (Castle Rising) farm worker
TRNM 24/1 John Robert Christopher William “Jack” Masters (Castle Rising) farm worker
BMBZ 16/1 Chester Fordham “Rex” Robin (Chase Avenue, K-L) salesman
TBBS 64/3 Deryck GH Neville - transferred to Middleton Patrol in March 1943
TQES 23/1 Sgt EJ Robinson – transferred *

* Capt EJ Robinson, 140 Wooton Road, Kings Lynn - promoted from Castle Rising patrol to A & Q Group 11 Norfolk AU

Castle Rising Auxiliary Unit Patrol 

The photograph above is of the Castle Rising patrol. It was kindly donated to CART by Desmond Neville, son of Auxilier Deryck Neville.

Deryck Neville had by then transferred from Castle Rising to Middleton Patrol. He was invited to join his former mates from Castle Rising Patrol for this photo, and that's why he is in the picture with them. He wrote this info on the back of the photograph.

Names from left to right:
Ernie Drew - Rex Robin - Stanley Warren - Jack Masters - Deryck Neville - Ted Masters - Archie Hudson. Front: Patrol leader Sgt Thomas Walter Garner.

The land is private. It is owned by Baron Howard of Rising, Castle Rising, and was accessed by his (his gamekeepers’ and one of his tenants’) kind permission.

Castle rising patrol had two OBs, both of them built by the patrol members themselves.
The patrol’s first OB (OB #1) had to be abandoned because of the lack of ventilation – their candles used to go out through lack of oxygen.

Castle Rising Auxiliary Unit 1

The second OB (OB #2) was built a couple of kilometres to the west, in the corner of a mature woodland surrounded by fields. (below)

Castle Rising Auxiliary Unit 2

Castle Rising Auxiliary Unit 3

All that remains is a depression in the ground (overgrown with bracken at the beginning of September) denoting the location of the main chamber. An approx 15 metres long narrow, shallow depression, presumably denoting the course of the patrol’s emergency escape passage, leads away from it in easterly direction, taking a zig-zag course.

Railway lines and bridges, and airfields in the vicinity.

Training at Leicester Square Farm (North Creake) and Syderstone.

Currently unknown

Currently unknown

A Hoare, Standing up to Hitler (2002); Desmond Neville, South Wootton (personal interview); Stephen Lewins CART CIO Northumberland

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