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Churchill's Secret Army@Tottington Manor

12th March 2011

Tottington Manor Secret Army Poster
During WW2 Tottington Manor was used as the regional headquarters for the Sussex Auxiliary Units. A secret bunker exists under the manor, with tunnels and escape routes into the fields.

The Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team (CART) held a ticket only day at the Manor on March 12th 2011 and 50 people attended. The tickets sold out in three days!

The day included three talks by experts, a book signing by Sussex Auxiliary author Stewart Angell, a single course lunch, a small aux shop, a virtual tour of the site and underground tunnels and demonstrations from Auxiliary Unit re-enactors 'Behind Enemy Lines'. Two special guests were also present, Capt Ian Benson and Robin Wise. Capt Benson was stationed at Tottington during the war and oversaw all the patrols in Sussex. He was also an Intelligence Officer and trained patrols all over the UK. Robin Wise is the daughter of Captain Bond who also ran Tottington for a while. It was a great honour for us to have them both with us.

A DVD of this unique event is now for sale for Friends of CART only. Not a friend? Join here 

May I pass on the thanks from all of us at Solent Overlord Executive for an excellent and highly informative day. Id like to say how impressed I was with the organisation and the flow of the day and the great choice of speakers and topics.
The lunch was a great inducement to visit the Manor again and much appreciated by us all.

Had Captain Benson not been there it would have been a day to remember and to reflect upon, his presence however added a magnificent link to the reality of the history so well presented. It was a privilege to meet the gentleman.

Best regards,

Rob Soar
Vice Chair Solent Overlord Executive Military Collectors Club

You can see some images from the day below.

Captain Ian Benson at the event talking about time in the Auxiliary Units.

Nick Marshall from 'Behind Enemy Lines' giving a talk on Aux Weapons.

You can hear the BBC Sussex Interview we did on the day here  

More info on Tottington Manor can be seen here  

  Weapons of the Auxiliary Units