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Clapham Auxiliary Unit Patrol and Operational Base

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Thank you for selecting information on the Clapham Auxiliary Unit Patrol located in Sussex. The info & images below has been compiled by Stewart Angell and from our internal archive.

Research into this patrol and its training is ongoing. The information below is published from various sources and is by no means conclusive. If information is not listed below it does not necessarily mean the information is not out there but normally means CART researchers have not found it yet.

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Clapham is a village in the Arun District of West Sussex, England. It lies three miles (5 km) north of Angmering on the A280 road and north of the A27 crossroads. It is adjacent to the village of Patching.

Intelligence officers in charge of Sussex have included Captain John Gwynne, Major C F C Bond, Captain Ian Benson and Captain L Roy Bradford.

At stand down Sussex was area 13 Arundel was part of group 3 under the Area Group Command of Captain A Cooper of Small Dole, along with Small Dole, Goodwood, Stansted, North Stoke, Warningcamp, West Stoke,Wiston and Selsey (South Mundham) Patrols. 

Believed to have been formed in September 1940. Patrol included in Group No.3, Sussex being in area No.13

Patrol Leader: - Joe Avery
Patrol Members: - Bunny Booker, Clem Avery, Alec Cannell, Charlie Brooker.

Ronald Jordan is remembered as being in the Patrol though not recorded on the Nominal Roll

Aiming to place all Auxiliers in their Patrols, CART has used the home addresses recorded on the nominal roll to include:

J G Gatland of Worthing
Though he could have been in another nearby Patrol.

Other Auxiliers recorded in the area were :
D W Ungless, discharged to HM Forces 1943
H R Collett, discharged 1943, change of employment.
Though, again they could have been in another nearby Patrol.

The Operational Base was positioned in the side of an old chalk pit within Clapham Wood. It is thought that it has either collapsed or been purposely destroyed after stand down.

It was thought to have three separate rooms, the largest measuring 12’ x 9’. The emergency exit came out into an old kiln within the chalk pit.

Members of the West Sussex Scout Patrol assisted in building the patrol’s OB and OP.

During construction local people were out walking and wandered too close which prompted Lieutenant Roy Fazan of the Scout Patrol to lay some booby traps to identify unwanted people as they approached. Whilst he was laying these trip wires one accidently went off causing chest and facial injuries, putting him in hospital for two weeks!

Observation Post: No evidence found.

Other physical remains nearby: None found.

  Currently unknown

Castle Goring. Image by Wikipedia. 

Training took place at Castle Goring, Worthing – South of Clapham Wood.

  It is assumed they had access to the regular weapons and equipment listed here

Nothing currently

Lance Corporal Les Hawkins, Royal Sussex Regiment – West Sussex Scouts, 'The Secret Sussex Resistance', TNA reference WO199/3391, Hancock data held at B.R.A, CART researchers Stewart Angell, Bill Ashby and Will Ward & Nina Hannaford.

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