Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


This page is part of a site tour of the Coleshill estate during WW2. Click here to start the tour. 

Please Note: The Coleshill House site and grounds are owned by the National Trust. The woods and grounds of the house are all strictly private and access is limited to set days a year. See our events page for their official open days. Attempting to access the site outside of these times is not only trespassing but could damage the future of our work and relationship with the Trust and villagers. Please respect this.

The Coleshill Guard House

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Guard House on July 4th

modern stop barrier next to the guard house. Photo taken at the July 4th event.

Coleshill House Guard House

Sandbags at the Coleshill guard house

Inside the Guard House Coleshill A bench inside the Coleshill Guard House

Information boards line the walls

Listening Post at the Coleshill Guard House

May 2011 - These images were taken inside the Guard House since it was restored by the National Trust.


rear view of the guard house 

Pictures taken in 2010 by Chris Howells.

inside-the-guard-house1-ts  inside-the-guard-house2-ts

Pictures taken in 2009 before the National Trust had restored the space.