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Coleshill House Reborn Project

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Page last updated at 9:37am on 12/1/14

Sadly Coleshill House burnt down in the 1950's and the site and grounds are now managed by the National Trust. Very little remains on the estate connected with WW2.

CART is running a project to re-create Coleshill House virtually.


In November (2010) CART researcher, Bill Ashby, a retired Halcrow Engineer, posted a message on the Halcrow internal message board requesting some CAD assistance with his Coleshill research.  This ticked all the boxes for one such viewer, Ian Edwards.  Bill and Ian were soon formulating a plan to digitise the little information that was then available. A number of Halcrow employees responded to the request, but unfortunately other commitments had to take priority, although Bill and Ian would like to thank Peter Kleberc for his valuable contribution.

Under Bills guidance Ian decided that he would draw the stable yard and clock tower in 2D CAD format, after several site visits by Bill with his camera and tape measure, this was ready in draft form by the end of February 2011.

Next they moved on to the main house, where the historical photos supplied by CART were invaluable in creating something that has sadly long gone. The intention is to create a full 3D model of the exterior and interior, that can be viewed on the CART web site.

Ian uses AutoCAD2010, Sketch-up and 3D StudioMax software so far and has found the project both challenging and very enjoyable. 

UPDATE - 12th January 2012 - We are very pleased to inform you that after 13 long months of work by CART members, Bill Ashby and Ian Edwards, the Coleshill House Reborn project has now produced a complete set of CAD drawings of Coleshill House and the other key outbuildings.




The video below can also be viewed fullscreen. In order to see more detail we would advise changing the video quality to 1080p. This will display it in full HD.  You can pause the video at anytime to view each slide for a longer period of time.

You can see below some of Ian's images and video and gauge the progress he has made so far.

The project is far from complete.....