Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


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Suspected Observation Post or Ammo Store

These images were taken when the "observation post" in Cuckoo Pen Wood was being excavated.
It was the normal double-skinned chamber, except that the inner walls were not corrugated iron, but asbestos.

The chamber had an access from the top of a shaft leading to one of the old water tunnels. A pot-holer friend surveyed the tunnel and found that it led to a point below the site of the former kitchens. Following a fire in the original ammo store during the war, we think this was the replacement, carefully sited some distance from the house and accessible only by discrete means.

Coleshill Observation Post

Coleshill ammo dump

This is the same space in March 2011.

More images and info on this can be seen on our Coleshill Past Discoveries page.

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