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Coleshill Today

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Please Note: The Coleshill House site and grounds are owned by the National Trust. The woods and grounds of the house are all strictly private and access is limited to set days a year. See our events page for their official open days. Attempting to access the site outside of these times is not only trespassing but could damage the future of our work and relationship with the Trust and villagers. Please respect this.

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Sadly Coleshill House burnt down in the 1950's and the site and grounds are now managed by the National Trust. Very little remains on the estate connected with WW2.

The National Trust, CART and local residents respectfully ask you not to visit the village or site of the house in search of anything.

It is only fitting that the Coleshill Estate, the Auxiliers GHQ and Training Ground, was chosen to remember them by the planting of eight Memorial Trees. See more on these here

You can see a picture tour of the site here. Check out the virtual tour of Coleshill here

Coleshill in the snow 2009

Coleshill Village in January 2010   Copyright CART.

Coleshill June 2009

Coleshill Village in June 2009   Copyright CART.

Coleshill Village July 2009

Coleshill Village in July 2009   Copyright CART.

Coleshill Clockhouse July 2009

The Clockhouse in July 2009   Copyright CART.

The building in the background is an estate house now occupied by a tenant of the National Trust who own the whole estate. In the foreground within the box hedge is the site of the great country house of Coleshill Park, which tragically burned almost to the ground in September 1952 and had to be demolished. It shows up well on Google Earth.

More images of Coleshill Village can be seen here   

Sunset over Coleshill

Sunrise over National Trust land at Coleshill on the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire border.
Photo by Tom Killick

 Coleshill Village - A Google Tour

Provided by Google's Street View. Please allow a few seconds for this page to load before using.

Click on the arrows on the road to go forward and backward. Hold down the left mouse button to rotate the view and use the + and - keys to zoom in or out or use your mouses's jog wheel if it has one.

Heading into the village from Highworth

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Heading into the village from Faringdon

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