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Crail Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Crail is a former royal burgh in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland.

Number 1 Group Area Group Commander: Captain Robert E. Cathcart. Assistant Group Commander: Lieut W. Pratt

Late 1940.

Sgt William Henderson [Patrol Leader]
Tom Richardson
Charlie Henderson
Jim Dewar
John Jackson

Very little remains of the OB as it is a coastal location. The OB was located near to Caiplie Caves.

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These are shallow caves and eroded sandstone arches along the 25 foot raised beach. One of the caves was the hermit's cell of St. Adrian who was killed by marauding Danes on the Isle of May in 875. In his cave, Chapel Cave, many ancient crosses have been carved in the walls and there is also a holy water stoup. From certain angles the arches assume grotesque faces.

Main roads/crossroads and rail line, other opportunist targets and assisting other nearby patrols. HMS Jackdaw would have been a target. Tom Richardson & John Jackson worked there.

Melville House, training weekends and some night time/ 24hr schemes, local rifle range.

1 x.22 rim fire Winchester 74
1 x Thompson SMG
5 x .38 Revolvers
2 x P17 Rifles
5 x FS Fighting knife

Also see the other standard weapons and equipment.

Crail Harbour. © Copyright Ken Bagnall 

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WO 199/3388
Correspondence with former patrol members’ families
DOB Site Reference S0003082
Roy McIntosh

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