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Dallinghoo Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the  Dallinghoo Auxiliary Unit Patrol and Operational Base in Suffolk. The info and images below have been supplied by Aux researchers Evelyn Simak and Adrian Pye.

Dallinghoo Patrol was also referred to as Pettistree Patrol and Bredfield Patrol.

It formed part of the Woodbridge Group which included
Nacton Patrol, Eyke Patrol, Gt Bealings Patrol, Woodbridge (aka Melton Park) Patrol and Debach (aka Clopton and Otley) Patrol

CO Capt David Walter Beeton, 1 Catherine Road, Woodbridge
Started work at Churchman’s in Ipswich and later as a travelling salesman for the Danish Bacon Company. The latter gave him an excuse to run a small car.

2nd Lt M Roy Taylor, Hasketon Hall, Woodbridge
He farmed at Hasketon Hall

It is currently unknown when the patrol was formed.

Sgt Jack R Malster (farm worker)
Cpl H Jack Garnham (farm worker)
Cyril Grimwood
Ernest “Billy” Hood (farm worker)
Percy R Neale (farm worker)
Walter (?) H Jarvis
W Fuller

There is nothing to see at this location and it is on private land.

The OB was built into the side of a sandpit by Byng Bridge, immediately to the north of Byng Hall Road, with a farm track doubling as public footpath running past it. Pettistree is about 1,5 kilometres to the north-east; Bredfield is about 1,5 kilometres further to the south-west and Dallinghoo is about 2 kilometres to the north-west.

The OB consisted of a 14ft underground Nissen hut that was accessed through a drop-down shaft. It had an emergency exit tunnel. According to the farmer the structure was removed many years ago.
Two massive electricity pylons now occupy the very much overgrown pit, which for many years has also been used as a dump for rubble and farm waste. The ground is much disturbed and no trace remains of the OB.

 Dallinghoo-Pettistree-Bredfield Auxiliary Patrol

Dallinghoo-Pettistree-Bredfield Auxiliary Patrol 2

(Above - The site as it is today)

Debach airfield

Currently unknown

They were issued with Sten guns and had lots of explosives. Trained locally and at Framlingham by regular army soldiers, at Holton airfield and later at Bawsey Manor where the big RAF camp was.

Nothing at this time

Michael Beeton, son of Group CO Capt David Walter Beeton (personal interviews); Dr Will Ward (DOB); BROM Parham; Stephen Lewins CART CIO Northumberland; E Carter (personal interview)

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