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Debach Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the  Debach Auxiliary Unit Patrol and Operational Base in Suffolk. The info and images below have been supplied by Aux researchers Evelyn Simak and Adrian Pye.

Debach Patrol was also referred to as Clopton or Otley Patrol. It formed part of the Woodbridge Group which also included

Woodbridge (aka Melton Park) Patrol, Nacton Patrol, Eyke Patrol, Great Bealings Patrol and
Dallinghoo (aka Pettistree/Bredfield) Patrol

CO Capt David Walter Beeton, Woodbridge.
At first he was employed by Churchman’s in Ipswich, and later as a travelling salesman for the Danish Bacon Company. The latter gave him an excuse to run a small car and to be seen around the area.

2nd Lt M Roy Taylor, Hasketon Hall, Woodbridge
A farmer living at Hasketon Hall. 

It is currently unknown when the patrol was formed.

Sgt Geoff T Ball
Cpl Sid W Leech
RA Bennett
Tom H Cundy (Potter’s Fen Farm)
HJ Garnham TWNF 169/3
RJ Chapman

Both the DOB database and BROM Parham give the location as being in a vineyard although their grid references differ by several hundred metres, covering two different vineyards in this area. The OB is in neither of them.

Clopton-Otley-Debach Auxiliary Unit 2

The OB is situated near the edge of a cultivated field, about 325 metres to the north of the B1079 Road through Otley Bottom, about 400 metres to the south of a minor road to the north and about 120 metres from a public footpath (as the crow flies). In the 1940s this part of the field was covered by scrubby woodland.

Clopton-Otley-Debach Auxiliary Unit 1

The OB’s main chamber was a 14ft long underground Nissen hut with a drop down entrance shaft lined with corrugated sheeting in a timber frame, and an emergency escape exit passage leading out the other end.

There was a toilet cubicle near the emergency exit.

Both end walls of the main chamber were constructed from corrugated sheeting held in place by a timber frame.

Clopton-Otley-Debach Auxiliary Unit 4

Both entrance and exit have collapsed. The unglazed ceramic field pipes used for ventilation have disappeared but shards are occasionally being ploughed up in the field surrounding the structure.
The owner was informed about the presence of the structure by S Leech (son of patrol member Cpl Sid W Leech) when he acquired the land and he has since tried to preserve it, taking great care not to run farm machinery over it and also to keep both ends of the remaining main chamber open.

Clopton-Otley-Debach Auxiliary Unit 3

Despite all care having been taken, the end where the entrance used to be is now blocked. Some corrugated sheeting that once used to line the entrance shaft is still in situ. (Above)

Clopton-Otley-Debach Auxiliary Unit 5

There is a small gap just below the roof at the exit end. This gap allows a glimpse into the interior which is full of water almost up to the roof.

Other physical remains:  Shards of unglazed ceramic field / vent pipes ploughed up in field; some corrugated sheeting by entrance shaft.

Debach airfield, Holton airfield, Bawsey Manor

Trained at Framlingham by regular army soldiers, at Holton airfield and later at Bawsey Manor where the big RAF camp was, where they were supposed to test the security.

They were issued with Sten guns and had lots of explosives.

Currently unknown

Lt Roy Taylor’s notes; Michael Beeton; Christopher Clark; DOB (Dr Will Ward); BROM Parham; Stephen Lewins CART CIO Northumberland.

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