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Dorset Auxiliary Unit Patrols And Operational Bases.

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Please Note: Research into this county and its patrols are still ongoing. The information below is published from various sources and is by no means conclusive. If information is not listed below it does not necessarily mean the information is not out there but normally means our researchers have not found it yet! 
If you have any information about the Auxiliary Units please do get in touch with us.

The Auxiliary Units were specially trained, highly secret groups of volunteers created by the British government, during the Second World War, with the aim of resisting the expected occupation of the United Kingdom by Nazi Germany.

The guerrilla units, sometimes referred to as a part of the British Resistance Organisation, were initiated by Winston Churchill in the early summer of 1940. He appointed Colonel Colin Gubbins to found them. The Auxiliary Units answered to GHQ Home Forces, but were organised as if part of the local Home Guard. Read more here

The Dorset Auxiliary Patrols can be divided into 6 Groups, based on the May 1943 list of patrols found in National Archives file WO199/3390. This lists the men by patrol, with the patrols grouped by geographic regions. The number of geographical groups also matches the number of men later promoted to Captain, who were also those known to be Group Commanders for some areas. There were some changes in patrols and personnel over time and the Group structure did not exist earlier in the war, but it provides a useful way to look at the patrols. It is not known how the Groups considered themselves – in some parts of the country groups were numbered, but we have no direct evidence of this in Dorset.
Regional Headquarters

Intelligence Officers

Group Commanders Click here for information of Special Duties Branch activity in this county 
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Operational Map 
Each marker pin shows the centre of the town or village where the patrol was located. They do not indicate the location of any Operational Bases or physical locations to go and view. View a fullscreen version of the map here. 


Dorset Patrols

CART has basic documentation on these patrols unless they are a clickable link.

No 1 Group - Wimborne Area
Ferndown Patrol - Added 13/5/14
Corfe Mullen Patrol - Added 24/11/13
Charborough Park Patrol - Updated 27/7/16
Woodyates Patrol (Later Group 5) - Updated - 19/6/15
Spetisbury Patrol - Added 24/11/13
Merley Patrol - Added 24/11/13
Manswood Patrol - Added 24/11/13
No 2 Group - Wareham Area
Bere Regis Patrol - Updated 17/11/12
Wool Patrol - Updated 14/1/13
Church Knowle/Creech Barrow Patrol - Updated 29/8/14
Stoborough Patrol - Added 26/10/12
Langton Matravers Patrol - Updated 28/10/12                 Memorial Plaque Presentation
Moreton Patrol - Added 26/10/12
Wareham Patrol - Updated 26/6/14                                    (Kindly sponsored by Steve Cooper)
Broadmayne Patrol - Updated 6/5/14             
Winfrith Patrol - Updated 11/5/14
Winfrith & Broadmayne Patrol - Added 13/5/14
No 3 Group - Dorchester Area
Waterston Manor Patrol - Added 24/11/13
West Dorchester Patrol - Added 24/11/13
Came Down Patrol - Updated 24/10/12
Dorchester Patrol - Added 24/11/13
Winterbourne Whitechurch Patrol - Added 24/11/13
Maiden Newton Patrol - Updated 7/11/11
Wrackleford Patrol - Updated 17/5/17
No 4 Group - Weymouth Area
Abbotsbury Observation Post 
Chickerell Patrol
Langton Herring Patrol
Long Bredy Patrol - Added 17/11/12
Upwey Patrol - Added 17/6/15
No 5 Group - Blandford Area
Alton Pancras Patrol 
Blandford Patrol
Child Okeford Patrol - Added 13/5/14
Motcombe Patrol - NEW - Added 27/7/16
Leweston Patrol - Added 17/11/12
Stourton Caundle Patrol
Hinton St. Mary Patrol
 No 6 Group - Bridport Area
Meerhay/Beaminster Patrol - Updated 3/5/15
Symondsbury Patrol - Added 24/2/15
Morcombelake Patrol - Updated 25/2/15
Whitchurch Canonicorum Patrol - Added 25/2/15
Shipton Gorge Patrol - Added 24/2/15           (Kindly sponsored by Geoff Axford)


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