Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units



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We have compiled some of the content from the site and other fun PDF downloads which you can use providing you link back to our website. They are ideal as teaching aids for schools or scout groups.



The Threat - An Overview

Auxiliary Unit Formation - An Overview

GHQ & Training - An Overview

Weapons & Explosives - An Overview

Special Duties Branch - An Overview

Stand Down - An Overview

Our Research - An Overview

Setting a Charge (Colouring in sheet)

UK Coverage Map

Operational Bases

Operational Bases - An Overiew

How To Camouflage OB Doors

OB Discipline


Sten Machine Carbine - An Overview

P14 and M1917 Enfields - An Overview

Browning Automatic Rifle - An Overview

Thompson Sub Machine Gun - An Overview

Wehrmacht Small Arms - An Overview


The Time Pencil


Our Promotional Flyer

Coleshill Training Programme

Operation Sealion - A history and list of research resources

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Operation Sealion - A powerpoint presentation by CART researcher Peter Antill. This is downloadable by members only on our members page (prior to login). Become a member here.


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