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Drefach Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Drefach is a village in Carmarthenshire, West Wales. It is located four miles south-east of Newcastle Emlyn. It lies at the confluence of three fast-flowing streams Nant Bargod, Nant Esgair and Nant BrĂ¢n, where their steep-sided valleys open out into the Teifi Valley.

Initially Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire were grouped together and administered from the HQ at Penllwyn Park, Carmarthen by the Intelligence Officer Captain J C Crawley. Other Intelligence Officers include Captains J H A McCue and Captain Woodward at The Cawdor, Lammas Street, Carmarthen.

Carmarthenshire was later to become part of Area 20 along with part of Glamorganshire and Pembrokeshire .

The Area No 20 GLAMORGAN to PEMBROKE – Groups: 1. Glamorgan.  2. Glamorgan.  3  Carmarthenshire. 4. Pembrokeshire.

The patrol was part of CARMARTHENSHIRE GROUP 3 which consisted of seven Patrols: 
Whitland, Llanfyrnach, Laugharnem, Hendy, Kidwelly, Conwil and Drefach patrols.

Group commander of these Patrols was Capt. J.G.Pretheroe-Beynon and Capt. J.R.Richards

Assistant Group Commanders:  Lieut. F.G.C.Goddard and Lieut. R.L.Yorath

Before stand down it is recorded that Carmarthenshire is part of Region 4 along with the whole of the South West Peninsular and Wales and the final Intelligence Officer was Major W W Harston based in Ashburton in Devon assisted by Captain G Woodward.

The IOs were being withdrawn from around September 1944 leaving the Area and Group Commanders.

Currently unknown.

Sgt. W. Davies of Talsarnau, Drefach                    
Pte. T.A. Davies of Talsarnau, Drefach                 
Pte.  E. Evans of Talsarnau, Drefach                     
Pte. C. Grenville of Gelliglyd, Drefach                        
Pte. L. Walters of Brynhuelog                      
Pte. D.J. Davies                     
Pte. T.M. Jones of Harlach                        
Pte.(B) G. Rees of Caegwyn
also Pte. A J Williams of Drefach (Joined HM Forces late 1942) 
Pte. R.J. Morris of Pont-Y-Felin (Joined HM Forces late 1942) 
Pte. C Williams of Porthyrhyd (Joined HM Forces late 1942)  

Currently unknown.

Currently unknown.

Currently unknown.

Unknown, but it is assumed that they had the standard weapons and explosives issued to all patrols.

Currently unknown.

TNA WO199/3389. Major Hancock data held at B.R.A. The Last Ditch by David Lampe

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