Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


Duntish Court - Auxiliary Training HQ for Dorset

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This report was provided by CART CIO for Dorset Dr. Will Ward.

The Dorset HQ's were located at;

1. Langton House, Blandford. (now Chestnut House)
2. Bingham Melcombe House.
3. Duntish Court, Buckland Newton. (burned down)

Training was undertaken by East and West Dorset Scout Sections.

Duntish Court, Buckland Newton, was the final training headquarters for the Auxiliary Units in Dorset. Units from all over Dorset would go there to be trained by Lt Weaver and the Scout Section or Major Darwell-Smith (later Captain Hubbard), the Dorset Intelligence Officer (as their commander was known). Most of the training happened in the stable block (right of this picture) or in the grounds.

 Duntish Court Dorset Auxiliary Unit Training HQ

Duntish House as it looked before the war.

The house was requisitioned, having been empty since the death of its owner, John Holford, an officer in the 12th Lancers, in a road accident in 1940 shortly after his escape from France via Dunkirk. After the war the house fell into disrepair and it was demolished.