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Englishcombe Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Late 1940.

There were five City Patrols, Swainswick, Weston, Englishcombe, Southstoke and Bathampton. The patrols were all under the command of Captain Malcolm T. Shackell (Swianswick patrol). The 2 I/c was Lt. William Ralph Hornett

A number of the members are listed under 5th Bn. Bath City Home Guard though the AU were nothing to do with the Home Guard apart from using them as a cover story.

WPED 76/3 Robert Samuel Lane.  DOB 18/4/22 a farm worker for Don Wyatt at Woodleaze Farm & at Manor Farm

WPED 16/1 Freddrick R H Meddick. DOB 16/6/13 a farm worker for Geore Date.

PED 17/1 Fredrick Peach. DOB 7/10/97. He was a sometime farm worker and Shepherd for Don Wyatt

WPED 15/1 William Donald Wyatt patrol Sergent. DOB 16/2/07. A Farm Owner at Woodleaze and Manor Farms,  Englishcombe.

WPED 184/3 W.B. Newbury. DOB 18/1/21 was a late arrival into the patrol not joining until 7/4/42

Another possible member was William Burton from Coronation Avenue in Bath. He was very involved with the Home Guard and with Don Wyatt

The patrol had their OB, an “Elephant” type shelter built by the Royal Engineers in Kilkenny Wood (Middle Wood), Englishcombe.  The OB has collapsed and contains a badger set.

Picture by Maurice Pullin. Taken with back to Middle Wood and looking out at view.

The railway around Oldfield Park and the nearby Twerton Railway tunnel. The Windsor and Destructor bridges over the river Avon as well as the industrial sites in the Locksbrook area.

Locally and some members went to Coleshill house. There was a firing range at Englishcombe used by the patrols.

It is assumed they had access to the regular weapons and equipment listed here

The patrol was stood down early. The Nominal Roll shows all members S.N.L.R. as of 16/10/42.

Bob Millard, National Archives, Stephen Lewins & Tim Wray.

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