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Forgue Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Forgue Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base located in Scotland. The info and below has been supplied by Alan Stewart our CIO for Aberdeenshire.

Research into this patrol and its training is ongoing. The information below is published from various sources and is by no means conclusive. If information is not listed below it does not necessarily mean the information is not out there but normally means CART researchers have not found it yet.

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Currently unknown

Forgue, Yonder Bognie area.

Pvt Jack Cowie, Bankhead
Pvt J Glennie ,
Sgt W Grant , Placemill
Cpl William Shand, Craigmancie
Pte Maurice Smith, Muirton
Pte Joseph Bremner

Lt  Alfred Horatius Bonar Budge (also links with Marnoch patrol)

Pte Maurice Smith

The condition of the base is unknown. It is believed to have been blown up before the end of the war by the army.

It was accessed via a trapdoor covered with heather. Apart from one red clay brick, nothing remains.

The location of the OB was described to Mary Scott (Nee SMith) by her friend's father telling her that “It was made out of corrugated iron and covered with grass/heather. The place where it was sited was called Spying Cop; there used to be a house there where the gamekeeper for Corniehaugh, Rothiemay lived”.

The location being at the top of a hill offered views around the area.  The OB on Bin hill could have been seen, also patrol areas of Marnoch could be seen. In the far distance, RAF Banff can be seen.  The OB has views looking down to the River Devron. Other than the main access road, access to the site would be difficult.

As the OB is beside woodland and the hill, numerous escape routes off the hill were available.

This zoomed in version of the image shows the location of the OB.

The son of Cpl William Shand,  recalls his father asking Lt Bonar Budge if he could show his uncle the OB, this was declined.  

Mary’s friend’s parents mention the location of the OB to Mary (long after the war as Mary played there as a child). Interesting point that of the parents, one was an Alexander Cran, there is an Alexander Cran listed in the Newmachar patrol.

Patrick Scott (historian) mentioned that at the end of the war the OB was blown up by the army, noting this was the case with the OB on Bin Hill, that remains largely intact (minus the roof). This was also mentioned by Bruce Bremner.

Observation Post

The observation post was made out of cut grass sods put together like bricks. It was made by Peter Thomson and Arthur Allan. Bother were at School but released to work on the land. They helped Patrol member William Shand build the lookout post. The lookout post was located about ΒΌ mile away from the OB area (although Peter was not aware of its location) in a recess off the rough roadway to Millton of Rothiemay. Cattle have all but flattened the lookout post which Peter visited a few years ago.

Road and rail networks, bridges over River Devron. Good observation location for surrounding area.

Given location, Blairmore House in locality.  There was a shooting range located in the area of Mill of Forgue. The concrete wall still shows the marks of Sandbags that were placed there when it was still wet.

Thompson & Sten Guns as well as the standard issue equipment.  In 1960’s, after passing away, it was found Cpl Shand had ammunition and grenades hidden in loft from WW2. Bruce recalled that the locals called the Auxiliary units the HE’s (for High Explosives). 

In the 1960s, Bruce and a friend uncovered explosives hidden in the woods across from the Bognie Arms Hotel, hidden there by the Home Guard. He took these “sausages” home much to his father’s horror.

Mary Scott (Maurice Smith’s daughter) recalled her father saying arms were hidden on Fourman Hill (above) , and afterwards they could not be found.

Cpl Shand’s son also has paperwork from the patrol that we will add to this page soon.  An address was. handwritten on the back of the "Infantry Section Leading 1938" booklet. - 9 Andover Terrace. It does not give a town or city. If it is in London it appears to have the postcode W6 0HD from googling the address. Somewhere in Hammersmith”

Cryle Shand, Son of Cpl Willam Shand, Forgue
Bruce Bremner, Son of Joseph Bremner
Mary Scott, Daughter of Maurice Smith
Patrick Scott – Local Historian, Huntly
TNA – WO199/3388 201 Bn rolls.

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