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Fraserburgh Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Fraserburgh Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base in Scotland. The info below has been supplied by CART's Aberdeenshire CIO, Alan Stewart.

Research into this patrol and its training is ongoing. The information below is published from various sources and is by no means conclusive. If information is not listed below it does not necessarily mean the information is not out there but normally means CART researchers have not found it yet.

If you have any information on this patrol or can help with research in this area please do contact us.

Fraserburgh is a busy Fishing port on the NE coast of Scotland, with war factories, airfields and invasion beaches supported by road and rail networks, it made the area liable for an invasion.

Picture courtesy of Fraserburgh Heritage Centre.

The photo shows the hairdressers that explosives were kept in the shed at the back of the premises.  Nearby the gap site a German bomb in WW2 struck the Commercial Bar in Broad Street with the loss of 31 lives.

The GC was Lt J.L. Low of the Schoolhouse in Old Deer. The Asst GC was  2/Lt Alan H. Forbes, was a toolworker at the munitions factory in Fraserburgh. He resided in a lodgings house at St Modans, Strichen Road, Fraserburgh.


Sgt Lewis Hope Davidson (hopy” McDonald – Barber, 35 Mid St. Fraserburgh
Pvt George “Dod” Low, A Stonemason with Hall & Robertson in Fraserburgh
Pvt Fred Hendry, 65-67 High St Fraserburgh. Went to America and returned to stay in Fraserburgh.
Pvr Robert Macdonald. Worked at local toolworks and stayed above Barber Shop owned by Lewis McDonald.
Pvt A Maclennan. Radio shop owner, High Street, Fraserburgh.
Pvt John McWillie, Architect of Mid Street in Fraserburgh. Also worked in his wife's drapers shop.
Pvt A Williamson

Unknown, may have been in the town of Fraserburgh close to where the ammunition was stored in a shed.  However, like Peterhead, this may have been at the start of the war until an OB was built out of the town and the equipment relocated.

Fraserburgh had several factories making munitions and aircraft parts, Several miles from Fraserburgh was the RAF station at Inverallochy and further along the RNAS at Rattray.  Fraserburgh has so beaches that would have been deemed a possible landing ground.  Fraserburgh also had a railway system and access roads along the coast.

Aerial picture of part of Fraserburgh showing suitable invasion beach, the old railway line bed is visible and the large factory used to make aircraft parts during WW2.

Foreground is the old airfield at Inverallochy.  Fraserburgh beach and town is on the far right of the photo beyond the beach.

Currently unknown

We suspect they were issued with the standard kit. Malcolm McKillop’s Father in law Davy McDonald (Aged 85) recalls the war at age 13.  Davy mentions that the patrol kept ammunition and explosives behind Archie Mcdonald’s hairdressing shop in Mid Street Fraserburgh. The store was accessed by a passage. Mid street had several patrol members that stayed there. Archie McDonald was the Patrol Sgt’s son “Hopy” McDonald. Davy’s father (David) was not impressed by the patrols actions and mentioned “they’re playing at being soldiers”

John McWillie was also in the Home Guard, and was the 'explosives man'.

The patrol all appear to be businessmen around the high/mid street in Fraserburgh. Several are relatives of The Patrol Sgt Lewis McDonald.

A unique information folder relating to the Fraserburgh & District (and Banffshire) activities of the Auxiliary Units has been established at Fraserburgh Heritage Centre - a result of Alan Stewart's presentation. Visitors can read the Folder contents in the Reference Library (WW2 Folder 3). It makes fascinating reading!

TNA – WO199/3388 201 Bn rolls.
Hancock report
Fraserburgh Heritige Centre
Malcolm McKillop
1942-43 Valuation Roll
Jennifer (McDonald) Stanley – Daughter of Robert McDonald

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