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Fyvie Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Fyvie is a small village on the main road to the coastal ports of Banff and Macduff, there was also a main railway line to Macduff going through Turriff here.



Fyvie (as of 1942)
Sgt A Main  - The Kennels Fyvie
Sgt J (james?) Pratt - -Parkburn, Fyvie Estate?
Pte W (William?)  Eddie  Peterwell Estate, Fyvie?
Pte G (George?)  Gerrie, Tifty, Fyvie Estate?
Pte T Hardie
Pte R Harper – Old Post Office, Fyvie Estate?
Pte J Hibberd -
Pte C McConnach – Bogs of Gourdach, Fyvie Estate?

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The main OB was located in verge / Woodland in grounds of Fyvie Castle.

Entrance was through a trapdoor,  this was witnessed by the Lt Fraser of Ellon patrol’s son during a visit to Fyvie. Who, with his father went into the OB and recalls seeing bunks.  Location given based on “googlemap” view.

Observation Post: Unknown, but likely to have been on high ground to the East within 10 meters of road adjacent to Loch.

During war, this estate was used initially as a maternity hospital, however Norwegian units were based here on Nissan huts.

Suspected railway bridges on Main Macduff line, also the main road to Banff / Macduff with areas where road is in between high sided ground (ideal for ambush)

Location of OB is within an estate used by Norwegian forces, likelihood is training took place here.

Currently unknown but assume they had the standard weapons and equipment.

Nothing currently.

Norman Fraser, Ellon. Son of Lt Alexander Fraser (Ellon)
TNA – WO199/3388 201 Bn rolls.
Valuation roll 1925
Hancock report

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