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Gubeon/Ogle Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Gubeon/Ogle Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base in Northumberland. The info and images below have been supplied by CART's Northumberland CIO Stephen Lewins.

The patrol was based to the west of Morpeth close to RAF Morpeth, later RAF Tranwell.

Part of 201 Bn. GHQ Reserve Auxiliary Units, Northumberland. Later part of Group No.4 under Lt. Alan Carmichael and 2Lt. W.A. “Mick” Mitchell.

Lt. Alan Carmichael centre seated to his right 2Lt. W.A. Mitchell.

Gubeon patrol members are in the second rear row 3rd from left J. Potts. End second rear row right hand side George Burns.  Middle row far right F.Law.  Second row seated end left hand side Sgt. Lance Robson.


Cpl/Sgt Lance Robson    Gubeon Farm 
Pte G. Burn                           Howlett Hall
Pte F Law                            Westhouse Cottages
Pte J.F. Potts                        Whiteside
Pte C.S. Potts                       Broomhill
Pte R. Richardson                Shilvington
Pte Frank Stamp                  Shilvington (Possibly Hebron Patrol though unlikely)

As yet unfound. Located omewhere between RAF Tranwell at the “Wannie” Railway line.  The O.B. was a standard “Elephant” type shelter built by the R.E. it is listed on the 184th Coy R.E. (Special Tunnelling) list as completed by 3/12/42. When the I/O was Captain Victor Albert Gough (S.L.I)

RAF Tranwell. The “Wannie” Railway and the East Coast Main Line through Morpeth. Road and Railway bridges, river crossings on the Font and Wansbeck. The main A1 London to Edinburgh road.

If an invasion had occurred the patrol would have gone to ground and waited to harass the Germans from behind. The Army plan was to draw the German army towards Ponteland where a killing zone had been planned. This was the last stand before Newcastle and the river Tyne in Northumberland.

Visit to Coleshill for some of the patrol. Melville House in Cupar, Fife and the ranges at Otterburn as well as locally on member’s farms.

The usual AU kit as supplied by the I/O from the stores in Northallerton.

See Auxilier Frank Stamps Obit here.

The certificates above belonging to John Fenwick Potts. They were kindly loaned to us by the son & daughter of the late J F Potts, Mike and Fiona Potts.

National Archives. Local info and the Hancock File held by the BRA, Mike and Fiona Potts.

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