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Halidon Hill Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Halidon Hill Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base in Northumberland. The info and images below have been supplied by CART's Northumberland CIO Stephen Lewins.

Currently unkown.

Early 1941

Sgt. Peter Robson      Bede Avenue, Berwick
Pte. A Renton            Conundrum Cottage
Pte. W Renton           Conundrum Farm
Pte. W Skelly             Louvain Terrace, The Meadows, Berwick
Pte. J Wood               The Meadows, Berwick
2Lt. J C Scott             Eversley, The Meadows, Berwick

Pte. W. Skelly was the mobile man in the unit as he had a butchers shop in Berwick (it is still there today).  He was also a Valuer for the local meat market and able to move from Auction Mart to Auction Mart within Northumberland and the Scottish Borders area.

As yet the site has not been found but is somewhere north of Berwick on Halidon Hill. This was the scene of a battle in the Second war of Independence between England and Scotland in 1333. The Scots were under Sir Archibald Douglas and the English were lead by King Edward III. The Scots lost suffering very heavy losses.

It is assumed to be an “Standard” Elephant shelter as built by the Royal Engineers from 184th Special Tunnelling Company. It is listed in their War Diary.

Observation Post: Unknown though the hill has a commanding view of the coast especially to the south and all the approaches to Berwick upon Tweed by road, rail or sea.

The East Coast main railway line. The Cornhill branch line. The main A1 road between England and Scotland. Various river and road bridges including the Royal Border railway bridge. Also the port of Berwick, at the time it provided much of the coal used in London. 

Locally, as the area is sparsely populated and on the beach east of the site.  Sgt Peter Robson went to Coleshill House as did 2Lt. J C Scott. It is not known if the others went to Coleshill or not. Later due to distance and time the staff at Coleshill House sent out instructors to the patrols. This may have been to the OB site or to the HQ in Blackadder House used by Major Peter Forbes or the 201 Bn HQ in Melville House, Cupar in Fife.

Standard Mk II Auxiliary Units kit with the usual explosives, detonators and arms. 

Nothing currently.

The National Archives in Kew. Local information. 1968 article from the Newcastle Evening Chronicle. The Skellys still working in the butchers shop in Berwick.

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