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Hampshire Auxiliary Unit Patrols And Operational Bases.

Flag of Hampshire

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The Auxiliary Units were specially trained, highly secret groups of volunteers created by the British government, during the Second World War, with the aim of resisting the expected occupation of the United Kingdom by Nazi Germany.

The guerrilla units, sometimes referred to as a part of the British Resistance Organisation, were initiated by Winston Churchill in the early summer of 1940. He appointed Colonel Colin Gubbins to found them. The Auxiliary Units answered to GHQ Home Forces, but were organised as if part of the local Home Guard. Read more here

Hampsire had 37 suspected patrols.
Regional Headquarters

Intelligence Officers

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Operational Map 
Each marker pin shows the centre of the town or village where the patrol was located. They do not indicate the location of any Operational Bases or physical locations to go and view. View a fullscreen version of the map here. 


Hampshire Patrols
CART has basic documentation on these patrols unless they are a clickable link.

No 1 Group (Ringwood Area) - Lead by GC Capt. A.J. Champion + Lt L.D.C. Ayles
Avon Castle Patrol - Updated 9/2/13
Ringwood A Patrol - Added 14/3/13
Ringwood B Patrol - Added 14/3/13
Ringwood C Patrol - Added 14/3/13
Fordingbridge Patrol - Updated 12/11/16
Burley Patrol - Added 9/3/13
Somerley Patrol - Added 9/3/13
No 2 Group (New Forest Area) - Lead by Lt G.B. Ash + 2 Lt G. Forward
Cadnam Patrol - Updated 19/3/14
Brockenhurst Patrol - Added 9/3/13
Fritham Patrol -  Updated 19/3/14
Lyndhurst Patrol - Added 9/3/13
No 3 Group  (North West Hampshire) - Lead by Lt A. White
Awbridge/Romsey Patrol - Patrol report underway.
Hale Patrol
West Tytherley Patrol
Braishfield Patrol
No 4 Group  (Eastleigh & Baddlesey Area) - Lead by Lt G. Stokes + Lt W. Bignall 
Eastleigh 1 Patrol
Chandler's Ford Patrol - Added 22/11/15
Baddesley Patrol - Added 22/11/15
Swathling Patrol
No 5 Group (Soberton to Bishops Waltham Area) - Lead by Lt A.G. Dallow + 2 Lt V.L. Peterson  
Soberton A Patrol
Droxford Patrol
Soberton B Patrol
Southwick Patrol - Updated 6/6/17
Bishops Waltham Patrol
No 6 Group  - Lead by Capt. A.C. Boyd + Lt A.A. Hilton
Titchfield Patrol
Warsash/Hook Patrol - Updated 127/4/16
Park Gate 1 Patrol
Park Gate 2 Patrol
No 7 Group (North Hampshire Area) - Lead by Lt E.F. Talbot-Ponsonby
Langrish Patrol - Updated 22/11/15
Froxfield Patrol
Buriton Patrol [Note: although, due to it's proximity to Chalton, this might be the "Chalton - North" patrol referred to in J. Budden's Memoir (see here) However, 8+ members in the Auxilier's Nominal Roll all live in Buriton village; quite enough for their own patrol.]
East Meon Patrol
No 8 Group - Lead by Lt D.L. Brownlee + 2 Lt F.A. Sawtell

Cosham Patrol - Updated 17/6/13

Havant (West) Patrol - Updated 25/7/13
Havant (East) Patrol - Added 9/8/11
Lovedean Patrol
Chalton Patrol [note: in J. Budden's memoir he mentions "our Chalton North" patrol, which infers there may have been anther Chalton patrol; possibly Chalton South. And about 12 auxilliers exist in the Auxilier's Nominal Roll all living in Chalton, which is enough names for 2 patrols.]
Clanfield Patrol
Groups No 9 & 10 are on the Isle of Wight. See here

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