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Hampshire Auxiliary Unit Members.


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We have placed all the Auxiliers we are aware of currently on the patrol reports on the main county page.

This page lists known Auxiliers in the county who cannot be placed currently in a patrol due to a lack of information.

If you can help please do get in touch with us.


Unknown Ringwood Personnel

The patrol names for the west of Hampshire and the New Forest have been identified from National Archives file WO199/3391, but are not divided by patrol.


The nominal roll gives the surname, initials, ID card number and address, together with date of birth. The patrols have been arranged according to the addresses and ID card numbers around known patrol leaders. This means the allocations may not be completely accurate.


Additional personal information such as first names and dates of death have been added using the 1911 census, and Some men, particularly those from the Ringwood area where there are several patrols, could not be allocated with any confidence to one patrol or another.


Patrol locality & Members name/s:


Name                                                   Date of Birth                                                           Died
Pte. Ronald J Gardner                              20/06/1915                                                             1997
Pte. W J Lewis                                        13/07/1902  
Pte. J Mitchell                                         18/7/1899       Transferred July 1944 
Pte. Maurice William Pelling                     12/10/1910      Joined HM Forces, April 1943             1975
Pte. A J Coward                                       26/09/1904  
Pte. Robert Plenderleith                            13/09/1911                                                             1983
Pte. Albert Edward Cobb                           14/08/1902     left circa 1942 
Pte. Richard Attwood                                 20/7/1896     Posted 8th Bn Hants HG May1943 
Pte. Bryan Herbert S Guy                          12/12/1913    Nurseryman                                       1997
Pte. Charles Albert Peckham                     11/10/1896     Posted to 8th Bn HG  


J Mitchell was transferred to Devon Auxiliary Units when he moved to Newton Abbott in July 1944.


Bryan Guy was a nurseryman at Belle Vue Nurseries in Ringwood, which still operates today. His daughter was friends with Mary Probert, daughter of Ringwood “A” patrol leader, but she is fairly sure he was not serving with her father.

We would be pleased to hear from anyone who has further information about the above men and which Auxiliary Unit they might have served in.