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Harpham Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Harpham Auxiliary Unit Patrol located in East Yorkshire. The info below has been compiled by Andy Gwynne with help from Martyn Owst.

Research into this patrol and its training is ongoing. The information below is published from various sources and is by no means conclusive. If information is not listed below it does not necessarily mean the information is not out there but normally means CART researchers have not found it yet.

If you have any information on this patrol or can help with research in this area please do contact us.

Harpham belonged to Number 1 Group which consisted of Bridlington South, Burton Fleming, Burton Agnes, Kilham, Flixton, Bridlington North and Wold Newton Patrols.

The Northern Area consisted of 16 Patrols forming Four Groups No’s 1-4 Harpham was within group No 1

Northern Group Commander – Captain Charles V Colley also commanded No1 Group
Asst Group Commander – Lt Neville J Woodward
Group Sgt Clerks - Sgt Jeffrey Horsfield , Sgt William M Jacob
Training W.O. – CSM Frederick K Richardson

Not currently known.

Sgt Robert Pearson     JGFN/35/1
Cpl Frank Garton JCSN/36/3 Farmer 21/12/1916
Pte Thomas Webster KG/0223/5 Farmer 15/06/1915
Pte Ronald Sellers JCFF/10/8
Pte Raymond Sellers JCFF/11/6

According to the Nominal rolls Pte Marcus A Bell JCSN/65/3  and  Pte Hohn Conyers JGSN/34/2 were earlier members of the Unit. 

The OB is situated within private woodland on the estate of Scampston Hall.

Full permission was given by the Legard Family of Scampston Hall to view the site.

Harpham Auxiliary Unit Patrol 1

The footprint of the main OB

The OB has been completely destroyed but the footprint of the main chamber can be easily seen along with the escape tunnel that stretches for some 30 feet from the chamber.

The main Chamber was approx 15 feet long. The orientation of the OB is East West.

Observation Post: None Found

Other physical remains nearby: Large piles of bricks from demolition

Harpham Auxiliary Unit Patrol 2

A mound of Bricks and rubble the only evidence of the OB’s structure

 Harpham Auxiliary Unit Patrol 3

Looking from the escape tunnel to the main shaft

 Harpham Auxiliary Unit Patrol 4

Looking from within the main chamber along the path of the escape tunnel

Suspected Observation Post

Whilst all the evidence suggests that this IS the OP no eyewitness testimony can prove it 100% so to be safe CART HQ has listed it as ‘Suspected’. This is common practise for our CIO's ensures we do not mislead the public.

Approx 150 yds away from the OB there is a suspected Observation Post, concrete lined on 4 sides and we think prefabricated off site due to the elaborate corner locking design. The post is around 5 feet deep and 3 feet x 3 feet in size. The top pieces on 3 sides have a 4 inch band running around we can surmise that this is for extra support for a cover of some sort. Telephone wire was found in the bottom of the post thus giving good evidence that comms to the OB were more than likely. Around 100 yds from the OP is another concrete structure that is buried and couldn’t be found and we surmise that it could of been the explosive store. We are told it is approx 6 feet x 6 feet and 3 feet deep and was last seen around 50 years ago.

The OP information was given to us by Mr Nigel Simons who worked as the woodsman in the woodland. His father before him worked as a woodsman during the war. 

Harpham Auxiliary Unit Suspected OP 1

The OP concrete lined on three sides

 Harpham Auxiliary Unit Suspected OP 2
The corners all interlocked giving it strength and rigidity 

Harpham Auxiliary Unit Suspected OP 3
The area of the surmised concrete explosive store.

Very close by is the main coast line from Hull to Bridlington and Scarborough. The nearest Railway Station was the village of Lowthorpe which was closed in 1970. This line would of been of vital importance to resupply any invading force anywhere within the Country. RAF Lissett which had a Bomber Command Squadron (158) based there is to the South East and RAF Carnaby to the North East. Not forgetting RAF Driffield to the East which was a target for many Units.

The Unit is not that far located from Middleton on the Wolds the East Yorkshire Training Area and HQ so it is easily surmised that their training would of been done here.

BAR, 9mm revolvers, .22 sniper rifle, Thompson Machine Gun later Stens. FS Knives and homemade knuckle dusters.

Speaking with the Daughters of both Sgt Pearson and Cpl Garton neither spoke of their time in the Auxiliary Units although the Daughter of Sgt Pearson does remember him taking her to visit Ammunition Stores when she was a young girl.

With special thanks to Martyn Owst, Mr Alex Wood and Mr Tom Moody and the Legard Family of Scampston Hall.