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Hockwold Auxiliary Unit Patrol and Operational Base

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Thank you for selecting information on the Hockwold Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base in Norfolk. The info and images below have been supplied by Aux researchers Evelyn Simak and Adrian Pye.

The patrol formed part of Norfolk Group 10 which also included Brandon, Fakenham, East Dereham and Lakenheath/Thetford Patrols.

CO: Capt Walter G Gentle (Brandon) - Local butcher

Captain Gentle M.C. was awarded the M.B.E. in the 1945 New Year's Honours List for "Services rendered to the 202 Battalion Home Guard".

2nd Lt. Eric G Field
2nd Lt R.F.St.B Wayne
2nd Lt DC Kerry/Carey
? 2nd Sgt GR Holmes

It is currently unknown when the patrol was formed.

Sgt Walter T Cooper
Cpl A Maggs
Ronald Bartlett (Feltwell)
Jessie Alfred Morley Enefer
Ernest AA Hicks (Hockwold)
Ray C Rolph
AE Starking

Hockwold-Feltwell Lodge

According to patrol member Ray C Rolph, the OB was located in woodland at the rear of Feltwell Lodge, in an area locally known as Feltwell Top. Part of this area was transformed into a quarry that is currently used as a landfill site.

Hockwold-Feltwell Lodge 2

The OB was described to us as having been an underground Nissen hut with an Ammo store and an escape run of 100 yards into woods. Nothing remains today.

Both RAF Feltwell and RAF Methwold were situated in close vicinity.

Currently unknown

Currently unknown

Currently unknown

JAM Enefer (son of patrol member LSG Enefer), Weeting; Ray C Rolph (patrol member), personal interviews; Stephen Lewins CART CIO Northumberland

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