Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


How CART has helped others

'The Auxiliary Units were the hidden heroes of the war, and I fully support CART’s mission to honour their bravery. Their vital work should remain secret no longer.' - Justin Tomlinson MP

I'd like to thank the team for my help when researching my grandfather, but extra praise has to go for Stephen Lewins (CART Durham) who not only helped me find documents where he was listed but also helped me find his OB and given me more information than I ever hoped of gathering. My family is all proud of my grandfather and we will be looking to find out as much as we can with help from yourselves.

Paul Jarvis

Your comments have stunned me! After so many years in which I have pondered my early childhood memories, I now have a full understanding of my parents roles in WW2.

Ray Forder, Perth, Australia.

“We have only just discovered, through the very prompt and thorough efforts of CART’s Andy Gwynne, that my father, Philip Dawson, was a member of an Auxiliary Unit in the North East of England.  None of the family, not least my mother who was married to him for over 55 years and who is now 91, had the faintest idea that this is in fact what he did during the war.  We were astounded and thrilled to make the discovery.  Phil was a lovely man – gentle and modest and a much loved father and grandfather.  That he turns out to have been a bit of an unsung hero into the bargain is icing on the cake.  Thank you so much and good luck in your work.  You’ve made one family very proud.”

Lesley Ann Dawson (daughter) 

What a splendid website! A fitting tribute to an Organization that until recently has not received the publicity that it deserved. 

Simon Williams 

I had an immediate and very helpful reply and Stephen (CART researcher) has followed this up with much fascinating info.
I am now very curious and look towards following up various aspects of this fascinating subject.
With very best wishes.
Ian Holloway
Absolutely thrilled, proud and sad to come across your website on Google.

My father, Norman Bruce Ramsay MC, is on your site with photographs. His military history was unknown to me.

So to see what he had done is a revelation. For me, you have done very valuable work and many thanks indeed for a marvellous website.

Fiona Sanecka-Manson. (Daughter of Lt Colonel Norman Bruce Ramsay MC TD)

Your web site has filled in some gaps and explained a little more the reasons why my father Len Crackett & his close friends spent time underground in Chevington Woods. Enjoyed your web site.

Ken Crackett.

I am an Essex boy living in Texas, and am also a WW 2 buff who collects items of interest from the war. In July 2009 I purchased a first pattern Wilkinsons Sword made Fairbairn-Sykes Commando dagger. In researching the knife's origins I came across the CART website & made contact with the founder Tom Sykes. Tom was kind enough to help me himself but he also introduced me to CART's weapons advisor &  armourer and guide of the BRO musuem in Parham Suffolk, the great Mr Richard Ashley.

Thanks to CART & especially Richard (who I met this past August) I was able to discvover that my knife had previosly belonged to a true hero, defender of the realm & a gentleman.
Thank You

Brian Moyse

I have to thank CART for helping me link up with Auxiliary Units Veterans and Historians and thereby find out a lot more background on my Fathers time with Aux Units. CART’s Data Base is growing day by day and now that I am a member I can join in and help with research.

Bill Ashby

Son of Lt. W. Ashby – Scout Section Officer, East Sussex.

I have been researching our family tree for many years and thought I knew all there was to know about my Grandfathers life in "The Home Guard".

My interest aroused I sat down in front of "Google" and up popped The Coleshill House web site.
I put his name into the
relative search and within minutes got the reply that not only my Grandfather but a great Uncle and two Uncles were also in this very special unit !

I am very glad that CART is collecting and recording this very important information and I now have my 12 year old nephew "helping" me with trying to get other units in Devon recorded.

Nina Hannaford.

Just a quick email to say a big thank you for all your help and advice, it's been invaluable. I hope you get to see the film when it's released next year. I'm not sure all the close ups on the bunker contents will make the cut, but we know it looked accurate! 

Many thanks again,

Caroline Bailey - Graphic Designer on the film Resistance

...absolutely brilliant! thankyou so much! yes, the mystery of what my old neighbour was talking about has been solved.

Jenny Byfleet