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Isle of Wight Auxiliary Unit Unconfirmed Members.


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The information below has been uploaded by Stephen Lewins (CART CIO). It is to be used as a rough guide to the Isle of Wight Auxiliary Unit. Hopefully with the names and rough patrol areas being shown more information from the Island or relatives may come forward.

The Isle of Wight Auxiliary Units, part of Hampshire Aux 203 Bn GHQ Reserve. Their pre invasion role would be observation of the English Channel for German raids and the protection of vital island infrastructure including the allies PLUTO pipe line to France. After the reorganisation the patrols became part of no.14 Area (Hampshire) in Groups 9 & 10


Group No. 9

Group C/O Captain H C A Blishen
Assist. G/C 2 Lt S G Taylor

Group No.10

Group C/O Lt. J T W Fisk
Assist. G/C 2 Lt C W Burt

Note: The patrols shown here are not strictly following the Group 9 & 10 format but again a rough approximation. The island was split East & West by the re-organisation. The Patrol name is currently based on the members addresses mainly though a couple are named after the location of the Operational Base.

Chillerton Patrol

YQEA434203       H F G Chiverton                Manor Farm, Chillerton
EQCB 82/1          J P Allender                      West Bridlington Farm
EQCB 44/1          SGT A A Westmore           *Brooklyn* Chillerton
YEQA435451       H A Westmore                   Chillerton Farm

Brighstone Patrol

EQA1529111       Lt. J T W Fisk                    The Mill House, Brighstone
EQDA 89/1          A H Russell                       Brighstone
EQDA 129           W C Shotter                      “Brookside”, Brighstone
EQDA 581           R R Shotter                       “Grammers View”, Brighstone
EQDA 117/1        SGT R Downer                   “Eversley”, Brighstone
EQDA 147           W Barton                           Hunny Hill Farm, Brighstone
EQDA 75/1          B W Barnes                       Ringwood, Brighstone
EQDA 80/1          A C R Hookey                    Little Shate, Brighstone

Calbourne Patrol

SWOO 312          SGT I S Davidson              Street Place Farm, Calbourne
EQDC 15/4          K J Rice                            Elm Farm, Calbourne
EQDC 15/3          J E Rice                            Elm Farm, Calbourne
IPP 6657            G R W Dade                      Mill Barn Cottage, Shalfleet
EQDF 48/1         R M Stailebrass                 Newbridge
EPCP 68/1          F W Fidgeon                     Shalfleet

(some of the above could have been in the Newtown Patrol)


EPAA 5/1            SGT Henry Gladdis            Hillis brickyard, Northwood
EPAA 75/6          William C Downer              Cliff Farm, Rew Street, Northwood
EPAA 47/4          Henry J Caws                     Rew Street Farm, Northwood
EPAA 42/1          Bertrum C Brown               “Vectis” Rew Street, Gunnard.
EQDD 111/1       Walter C Bradley                 Little Sticelett Dairy, Northwood
EPM 36/1           James G Rowe                    82, Park Road, Northwood
EPAA 346/4        Leslie C Priddle                   Skinners Farm, Northwood
EPAA 5/2           John W Gladdis                   Hillis Brickfield Cottage, Northwood
EQDM 31/2        Leslie Robert Thompson       “Thornhill” The Avenue, Northwood

Newtown Patrol near Shalfleet

EQDE 6/3            W Barnes                        Mill House, Shalfleet
EQDD 21/1          SGT A G Barton                Harts Farm, Newtown
EQDD 21/2          E G H Barton                    Harts Farm, Newtown
EQDA 147           C W Woodford                 The Bungalow, Newtown
EEFV 35/1           G J Nott                           1, Lake Cottage, Newtown

Ningwood Patrol

EQDF 12/4 Sergeant Kenneth “John” Priddle Dodpits, Ningwood
EQDA 85/1 Donald L Priddle “Broklyn", Shalfleet
EQDG 21/3 Eric J Scovell Home Village, Wellow, Ningwood
EQDC 31/3 Thomas A F Cowley Green Farm, Ningwood
EQDE 21/1 Albert “Vic” Ablitt Enfield Farm, Ningwood
EQDF 11/1 2 Lieutenant Charles W Burt, Warlands near Shalfleet
ENPF 81/1 Fred Dernham, "Romola" High Street, Freshwater


Here there were at least three patrols. The information is based on the member’s home addresses. This gives us a patrol to the East and the West with a further patrol to the South. Almost all the names listed for the Newport AU could be in any of the three patrols.

Newport No. 3 Patrol (West Newport)

EPCG 166/3          SGT R H Gardner            6, Worsley Road, Newport
EPCH 76/1            J A Thompson                “Hearnway” Cowes Road, Newport
EPCJ 4/1               C F H Biles                     “Devonia” Forrest Side, Newport
EPCF 207/4           E G Bull                         Lower Cross Street Farm, Dodnor
EPCI 249/1            R A Stark                      Lower Cross Street Farm, Dodnor
EPAB 209/2           C Jones                         Whitesmith Road, Newport
EPCO 327/1           C Challen                     10, College Road, Newport

Newport No. 1 Patrol (South Newport)

EPCO 107/2            SGT C S Good              125, Carisbrook Road, Newport
EPCO 129/1             W D W Bucknell           Shide, Newport
YEPC79230              R E Phillips                  The Bungalow, Combley Road, Newport
EPAH 304/2             A W Bowden               74, Carisbrook Road, Newport
EPQC 165/5             J E Warder                  26, Ash Road, Newport
EEDS 124/1             D J Wilson                   Great Pan Farm, Newport

Newport No. 2 Patrol (North Newport) Whippingham OB info from L/Cpl. Jack Riddell

EPCR 129/1              S J Guster                   Halberry Road, Newport
EPCR 153/1              SGT J W Blackman       Halberry Road, Newport
EPCR 207/4              R H T Grace                 Fairlee Road, Newport
EDGY 81/1                W H Edwards               The Cafeteria St. James Square, Newport
EPGG 52/1                L P Mew                      70, Crocker Street, Newport
EDCC 28/1                P B Chandler               39, Crocker Street, Newport
EPCR 72/2                A F Newman               20, Victoria Road, Newport

On Malcolm Hancock list held by CART he has a SGT W A Newnham of 24, Lugley Street, Newport but he is not on the Nominal Roll from the National Archives. The only Newnham listed is from 75, Wilton Avenue, Southampton. There may have been a change or the Newnham may have been included instead of Newman.

Arreton Patrol at Robin Hill Country Park

Shanklin Patrol

EPGB 42/1                  SGT A R Edwardson        19, St. Martins Avenue, Shanklin

No other members listed as from Shanklin.

Godshill Patrol

Whitwell Patrol (Ventnor)

EQDF 20/1                  SGT T A Cowley (DM)       Stenbury, Whitwell
EBCB 77/1                   R T Morris                       Billingham Farm, Ventnor
EQCF 57/1                  C H Holbrook                    Parkhill, Wroxwell, Ventnor

Sandown Patrol

EQBE 153/3                 F W Blake                        Upper Borthwood Farm, Alvestone
EPGK 105/1                 SGT E G Rapkins               “Fair Lea” 52 High Street, Sandown
EGBF 231/1                 2Lt S G Taylor                   60, Broadway, Sandown
EPGR 103/1                 A D Le Maitre                    54, High Street, Sandown
Epcc 153/1                  R C Merwood                    Lower Lake Road, Sandown
EPGJ 14/3                    E W Moorman                   54, St. Johns Eoad, Sandown
EPG208223                  K I Hooper                        “Lucerne” 12 Pier Street, Sandown
EPGR 164/1                 R A Ward                          68, Broadway, Sandown

(2Lt S G Taylor may have moved patrol as he listed as The Firs, Forrest Road, Apse Heath, Arreton as well as the above)

Ryde Patrol

East Cowes Patrol - Operational Base located near Osborne info from L/Cpl. Jack Riddell

EQDE 358/3                  L/Cpl J Riddell                    Grange Road, East Cowes
EPAH 37/1                    H Strake                            Belle View Road, East Cowes
ENAH 157/2                  A H Paul                            Connaught Road, East Cowes
EPAC 109/4                  R G Casson                        47, Buckford Road, Cowes

L/Cpl Jack Riddell said the targets for the East Cowes (Osborne) & North Newport (Whippingham) patrols were Kingston Power station, Somerton Airfield and Whippingham Height Heavy Anti Aircraft site.


EQDE 6/3                       D J Biles to 19th Bn. Hants Home Guard
EQA 105911                   W F Fuller to H M Forces
EEPK 35/4                      W E Greenaway to H M Forces 15/4/43
EAAF 383/3                    E J Morey to 20th Bn. Hants Home Guard (Ryde) 1943
EPCC 521/-                     I P J Mew to 19th Bn. Hants home Guard
                                     E Rogers to H M Forces
EM-X 140/1                    R L Le Maitre to Sussex Home Guard 1942


NZKP 65/1                      A McLaren Medically unfit 15/7/44 (DOB 7/5/96)

Some other names from a Stand Down dinner menu held at the Masonic Hall include;

Cpl A F Le Maitre
C W Brannon
A M Long
B Keegan
H R Watt
A Sherwood
R C Ward
C E Herbert

These men may have been Auxiliary Unit members or Home Guard.

The Stand Down dinner also had N V Oxenden as a Guest representing the AU HQ.

Captain H C Blishen was later awarded the MBE

Hopefully the above list and addresses and site mentions will prompt some further information on a complicated area for the Auxiliary Units in Hampshire

The National Archives, Kew. Major Hancock. Jack Riddell

If you can help please do get in touch with us.