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John O'Groats Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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John O’ Groats is a village at the north-eastern tip of Scotland and approx 690 miles from London.

Auxiliary Units Number 1 Area
Area Group Commander: Captain A.J. Thomson
Assistant Group Commander: Captain W.A. Coutts     

Late 1940.

Sgt G.M Steven [Patrol Leader]
Cpl W. Steven
Pte D. Mowat
Pte S. Steven
Pte F.W Sutherland
Pte A. Manson
Pte G. Manson 

The OB was located in a vast open area which was extensively used for Peat extraction, being the main source of fuel for burning. It was between the village and coast, nothing remains.  It had corrugated sheeting construction and had a wooden floor and a long escape tunnel. [ref Sandy Manson]

Road- which was one road in and out and harbour supply routes.

Conducted locally and at Golspie as well as on occasion at Blairmore House Huntly.

Thompson SMG, .38 revolvers, Usual issued euipment.

Sandy Manson, who I interviewed in 2013, at his home at the post office John O’Groats, recalled what he could of his short time with the patrol; he was fairly young at the time and thought it was great having a Thompson SMG to handle; he also wore a lanyard attached to a .38 revolver. He also remembers the OB and although it was constructed within a peat banking, it was fairly secure and water tight, under the shell of the corrugated sheeting it was an all wooden interior made of old ships timber and the patrol when occupying the OB after an all-night stand- to exercise had a close call when a local was digging peat on his nearby plot and had no idea he was being observed.

Sandy later joined the Royal Navy and was involved with convoy protection for  the merchant ships travelling to the frozen waters of the north Atlantic and eventually onto  Murmansk, this combined with the most horrendous of conditions erased most of the memories he had as a young 17 year old in the Auxiliary Units. It was not unusual for patrol members in the far north or more remote locations of Scotland to be related to each other, as can be seen with this patrol, Steven and Manson surnames; especially, understandable, when secrecy is paramount.

Geoff Leet
Sandy Manson
Major Hancock files
WO199/3388 Nominal role

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