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Kilham Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Kilham Auxiliary Unit Patrol located in East Yorkshire. The info below has been compiled by Andy Gwynne & Neil Hunt.

Research into this patrol and its training is ongoing. The information below is published from various sources and is by no means conclusive. If information is not listed below it does not necessarily mean the information is not out there but normally means CART researchers have not found it yet.

If you have any information on this patrol or can help with research in this area please do contact us.

Kilham belonged to Number 1 Group which consisted of Bridlington North, Bridlington South, Burton Fleming, Burton Agnes, Flixton, Wold Newton and Harpham Patrols.

The Area Group Commander was Captain Charles V Colley of Bridlington. Captain Colley was also the Group Commander of No 1 Group. His assistant Group Commander was Lt Neville J Woodward. Group Sgt Clerks were Sgt Jeffrey Horsfield and Sgt William M Jacob. The training W.O. was CSM Frederick K Richardson.

Not currently known.

Sgt Harry Middlewood       JCFM/143/4 Agricultural Worker 03/05/1915
Cpl Leslie Robert Smith JCFO/80/5 Agricultural Worker 23/02/1922
Pte Philip Lamplugh Wilson JCFL/52/2 Agricultural Worker 15/09/1909
Pte Arthur H Carr JCDK/69/5 Agricultural Worker 29/10/1921
Pte Donald Wilson JCFL/45/1 Agricultural Worker 05/08/1908
Pte Douglas William Gray  JCFL/76/3 Agricultural Worker 13/11/1918 

Kilham Auxiliary Unit Patrol 4

The Kilham Home Guard, Harry Middlewood is second row from the top first man with flat cap from left to right. Picture taken in a Butchers Yard in 1939.

Front row left to right: Herbert Smith, Lenard Clarkson, Cyril Bastman, Sgt Tom Leake, Butcher Robinson, Sgt. Clarence Kitchner, Sgt. Charlie Galtry, Murice Harrison, Leo Darley.

Norman Walker, George Harrison, Billey Smith, Jim Rispin, Don Wilson, Don Baker, Philip Wilson, Harry Middlewood, Les Smith, Bert Dowson, Richard (Dick) Talentire, Norman Walker, John Plowman, Bill Mitchell, Stan Tyer or Gray, Ron Hoggard, Jim Patterson, Dick Tallentire,  Erniw Parker, Tom Hill, Stan Tyler, Herbert Leake, George Simpson, Harold Tate, Fred Allerton, Bob Cowton, Jack Littlewood, Don Wilson, Fred Shaw, John Turnbull, Aurthur Carr, Raymond Duke.

If you can identify any of the men please do let us know.

Kilham Auxiliary Unit Patrol 2
Walking through the now very over grown chalk pit where the OB was situated. 
Kilham Auxiliary Unit Patrol 3

The picture above shows tin sheets sticking out of the ground after being blown up some time after the war date unknown. 

Not currently known.

Not currently known.

Not currently known.

Kilham Auxiliary Unit Patrol 1

Sgt Harry Middlewood's Farm as it is today.

Neil Hunt (who has kindly donated the images above) purchased Harrys Aux badge from his Grandson.

He recalls,  'I went to meet him to collect it and when were talking he produced Harrys magnet small U shaped one I had never seen one before only pictures he asked me if it was any good to me I said yes so he gave it to me!! He was also selling his 1937 calendar this went to another person unknown to me, When I went to Yorkshire to research the badge I stopped at a large house Nr the chalk pit and I asked the lady working in her front garden if she knew Keepers house nr said chalk pit, she said I don't but see that chap there pointing to a man riding a tractor in her field he knows all about the home guard in the village she beckend him over and we got talking he took me to the OB site then back to his cottage where he produced all this info. I couldn't believe in the middle of nowhere I found this man! Then he took me to Harrys farm house.

Harry is buried in the Kilham cemetery with other members of the patrol.

Nominal Rolls at the National Archive, Thanks to Neil Hunt for some info and images.