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Kyloe Crag Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Kyloe Crag Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base in Northumberland. The info and images below have been supplied by CART's Northumberland CIO Stephen Lewins.

Spring 1941

A. Black
W. Black
J. Nesbit
Sgt. G. Reavley
D.S. Telfer
R. Robinson

Kyloe Crag Operational Base 1

This is another of the Northumberland Auxiliary Unit O.B.s. It is located in some woodland near the rocky outcrop at Kyloe Crag in the Kyloe Hills between the small settlement of Buckton and Fenwick. The site is accessible by a forestry track, there is a lot of fern ground cover making it difficult to locate.

Follow the road/track from the Fenwick side of Buckton Moor into the forest. There are the remains of an Iron Age fort within the woods, passing this area heading toward the craggy outcrop the O.B. is well hidden in the undergrowth.

Kyloe Crag Operational Base 2   Kyloe Crag Operational Base 13

Kyloe Crag Operational Base 4

This O.B. caused a lot of mail to be sent back and forth between Major Griffiths 184th Tunnelling Coy R.E. and the Command in Harton, South Shields and HQ Darlington. The ground was too hard to tunnel at the site chosen by Officer in C. Capt. A Quayle, Auxiliary Units Northumberland. The site is on Whinstone rock which required explosives to blast a hole in the ground for the shelter and the bolt hole tunnels. This supply of explosives was not forthcoming nor was the transport or timber required by 184th Tunnelling Coy R.E. Major Griffiths asked to change the site but Capt. Gough O/c Aux. Units Northumberland (Capt. Quayles successor) would not change the orders, a couple of alternatives were looked at but the ground was the same so the original site was used and the required materials were sent.

The O.B. is of the usual “elephant” shelter design but with an extra trap door entrance over the store in the bolt hole tunnel similar to the O.B. at West Fallodon. In 2013 it had almost collapsed.

Kyloe Crag Operational Base 5

Currently unknown.

Currently unknown.

Unknown, but it is assumed that they would have access to the “standard” Auxiliary weapons of a Browning Automatic Rifle, a Thompson Machine Gun and two Enfield rifles.

Nothing currently.

Nothing currently.

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