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Langrish Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Not currently known.

Lt. E F Talbot-Ponsonby - Group Leader
2nd Lt. William Bone

Fred Cable
George Lambert, a farmer from Langrish.
Dick Luff, Lived in Ramsden.
Newton Smith
Reg Rogers
Edward 'Ken' Dickenson

Ken Dickenson lived at New Barn, Buriton and travelled to Langrish each day in his 3 wheeler. Ken's daughter Edna informs us that her father was in charge of the patrols explosives.

Edward Talbot-Ponsonby inherited Langrish House as a very young man in 1937.

Edward was a brilliant engineer even as a schoolboy. When he inherited the house, he spent his time in the stables with a lathe. He soon became known throughout the area for being 'good with his hands' and people would come to him with problems/projects etc.

In 1939, the country was re-arming and Edward got the contract to make cockpits for spitfires. He also made bombs. He spent the War years working incredibly hard in the Stables, which by this time had become a busy factory. As he had a reserved profession, he couldn't go and fight, but being young, fit and intelligent, was put in charge of the patrol.

Located in Rookham Copse. It is not known if it survives.

Rookham Copse. © Copyright Robin Webster

Currently unknown.

Currently unknown.

Unknown, but it is assumed that they would have access to the “standard” Auxiliary weapons

Quantities of explosives were hidden in the cellars of Langrish House, ready for distribution to the local hideout deep under the trees in Rookham Copse.

© Copyright Basher Eyre

The patrol were based at Langrish House near Petersfield. It is now a beautiful hotel.

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