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Lovedean Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Lovedean Auxiliary Unit Patrol located in Hampshire. The info below has been compiled by Steve Mason for CART.

Research into this patrol and its training is ongoing. The information below is published from various sources and is by no means conclusive. If information is not listed below it does not necessarily mean the information is not out there but normally means CART researchers have not found it yet.

If you have any information on this patrol or can help with research in this area please do contact us.

Approximately in the Lovedean area, but may have been called Denmead Patrol. The Patrol’s codename is unknown.

This patrol was part of Group 8 in Hampshire, Commanded by Lieutenant D.L. Brownlee and his assistant 2nd Lieutenant F.A. Sawtell. Their Area Commander (for groups 6 to 8) was Captain. A.C. Boyd.

Detail unknown. Earliest joining date for members in this patrol is 07/01/41.

The Auxiliary Units Nominal Roll gives the following names for this patrol / locality:

Name Nat Reg Joined DOB Address
Sgt Jolly E EDRC 240/3    07/01/41 14/04/08 Lovedean, Horndean, Hants
Coster K.S.B  EEXC 58/6 25/02/42 29/04/26 Little Denmead, Hants
Hurkett J.R  EEPH 75/1 07/01/41 22/09/04 Lovedean, Horndean, “ [….illegible ….] 01/05/46”
Matcham C.I.J  EEPH 143/2 07/01/41 29/02/04 Lovedean, Horndean, Hants
Prince F  EEPH 76/1   07/01/41   23/10/14   Lovedean,Horndean.
Parratt J.A  EEPH 125/4   21/12/42   16/01/25   Lovedean, Hants 

Sgt Jolly was the patrol leader.

Location unknown. Possibly on land belonging to Mr Sawtell (Group 8 assistant commander) at Lovedean Farm. Other possible locations could be on land belonging to Hinton Manor Farm or Broadway Farm (see references).

The roads (chiefly ‘A’ roads), bridges, airfields and railways nearest to the patrol would be their targets. Probably, especially the hub of roads through Denmead.

The patrol would conduct the training practices outlined here

The patrol would generally have the weapons shown here

Currently unknown

Help with OB locations and local home guard activities was gratefully received from Mr Evershed and Mr Hatherly.