Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


Monmouthshire Auxiliary Unit Intelligence Officers.

The IO recruited for the Monmouthshire region was Captain John Todd, a city stockbroker by trade. He was most often seen in ‘mufti’ wearing a hat with fishing flies attached. He was described by all who knew him as an eccentric country gentleman. He went under the alias Tommy Atkins and came from Llanvihangel Crucorny near Abergavenny. In Wales, he was nicknamed ‘Sweeney Todd’. We can assume that John Todd came in to set up the organisation, and then appoint a local man as permanent IO as happened in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. It is possible that John Todd was appointed by a Colonel Hughes. He was later replaced by a Captain Sandford followed by Lloyd Bucknell in 1943. 

The objectives of the Intelligence Officers were as follows: 
• To form Auxiliary Units, selecting localities and personnel,
• To distribute and conceal the special stores (firearms, ammunition and explosives)
• To train personnel in their duties and in the use of the special stores.
• To act as liaison officers between the military Commanders and the Units
Sandford covered Monmouthshire as did Group leaders Capts Ceri Bates, Charles Jones and Bev Lyon all of Newport. Bev Lyon was a lieutenant and his regional HQ was based in the Bulmer’s Cider Works outside Hereford. Charles Jones lived in Penhow opposite where Johnsons store used to be located. He was known locally as a formidable man who did not tolerate fools gladly.