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Motcombe Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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A report by Dr. Will Ward (CART CIO for Dorset)

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Name Date of Birth Occupation
Sgt. William Fred Arnold 8/6/1903 Road Haulier

Pte. Ronald Arthur Arnold 23/7/1911
Joined HM Forces 14/4/1943
Pte. Christopher John Kavanagh 24/12/1909

Pte. Henry Robert Blaker 25/11/1893

Pte. Raymond Arthur Roberts 8/12/1895

Pte. Arthur Vernon Ridler Howe 30/6/1893

Pte Thomas W Maskell 10/9/1919

Pte Percy Barter 1/9/1899


Very limited information is currently available for this patrol.

Several of the men lived at Motcombe House. The house was the property of Mr Charles Prideaux, who died in 1940. That year, Pinewood School was briefly evacuated to Motcombe House. In 1942, a Prisoner of War Camp was erected in the park, housing Germans, and after the war, Polish refugees. In 1947, Motcombe House became Port Regis School, a prep school that had been evacuated from Broadstairs for part of the war to nearby Bryanston.

Henry Blaker had served as an officer in the 14th Battalion, Tank Corps in WW1, being awarded The Military Cross for gallantry during the capture of Preux on 4th November 1918. He was the son of Chertsey's Town Criers, his mother becoming Britain's first female Town Crier when she took over from his father on his call up. He was commissioned from the ranks having previously served with 7th Dragoons.

Ron Arnold had appeared before the magistrates in May 1940 for failing to report an accident. A small boy had been slightly injured and after initially seeming Ok, later turned out to have broken a small bone in his foot.

Percy Barter was a later member of the patrol, joining in July 1943, possible as a replacement for Ron Arnold.


Nothing currently known.

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