Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


National Trust Coleshill Youth Educational Programme

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Secrets and Spies

A one day programme based at Coleshill for Primary Schools studying WW2.

The day involves a diverse range of activities including:

• Code breaking and signalling
• Role playing and decision making, identifying a traitor
• Distinguishing between friendly and enemy aircraft
• Investigating a 1940s handling collection and selecting items for going underground
• Observation games and following trails
• Hiding and discovering ammunition
• Physical training with scramble nets and grenade practice
• Rebuilding Coleshill House with a 24 piece jig saw
• ID checks in the Guard House
• Retrieving information from the visual and audio exhibition in the Guard House
• Studying the commemorative trees planted in Coleshill Park in memory of Auxiliary Groups and individuals
• Visiting the 70 year old underground Operational Base used to train Auxiliers
• From Summer 2012, visiting a replica Operational Base

The day is supported by National Trust Staff and Volunteers.

The day is free of charge to National Trust Education Group Members (EGM)

More information about the education programme at Coleshill and EGM can be found at