Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


Norfolk Auxiliary Unit Intelligence Officers.

In 1940, Intelligence Officer Captain Andrew Croft set up AU patrols in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. The first patrols were created in the areas deemed most likely for a German invasion force to land first and hence being the most vulnerable: Essex, and the area of Suffolk south of Woodbridge. In the following year each of the three Counties was appointed its own own Intelligence Officer.

In 1941, Capt (Major) Nigel Oxenden MC (succeeded by Capt Woodward) served as I/O for Norfolk, with the administrative centre being at Beeston Hall near Neatishead, and the control station and radio communications centre at Rackheath Hall, to the north-east of Norwich. 201 men had been recruited, forming 11 groups, divided into 35 patrols. 40 OBs had been built and 8 more were planned. By 1942, the number of recruited men had risen to 276 and the number of patrols amounted to 45.