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North Uist Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the North Uist Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base on the Outer Hebrides. The info and images below have been supplied by CART's Fife & Angus CIO, David Blair. 


Early/Mid 1940 Number 1 area and Group 5

Sgt R. MacCuish. Grenintote, North Uist
Cpl R.A. MacLellan. Lochmaddy, N.Uist
Pte D. MacPhail. Langash, N.Uist
Pte N. MacDonald. Ahmore, N.Uist
Pte L. MacDonald. Grenintote, N. Uist
Pte D. MacInnes. Grenintote, N.Uist
Pte A.J. MacLean. Grenintote, N. Uist

North Uist Auxiliary Unit 1

Located within the machair, (fertile, low lying grassy plain and a former beach although above sea level now) north of the straggling village of Sollas in North Uist. It is not signposted from the main road. The access road is located ΒΌ mile west of the Co-op at Sollas, and leads north into the machair / farmland towards the dunes. There is a tiny turning place at the cemetery gate. The OB is situated near to the cemetery.

North Uist Auxiliary Unit 2

The OB is located within a vast wide open area with little natural cover. Unknown at this stage why it was sited here, but there must have been sufficient reason to construct it here. One theory is the vast open views out to sea which could have witnessed a seaborne landing and reported this by a network of spies and runners passing on the word’ and the close proximity to the road, which could have been used an MSR (Main Supply Route) close by was a grass strip airfield opened in March 1936, which was more than capable of taking larger aircraft such as JU-52.

North Uist Auxiliary Unit 1

North Uist Auxiliary Unit 3

Other physical remains nearby: Area has ancient remains which are probably scheduled. Near to cemetery.

Main road and the grass strip airfield nearby.

Rifle range within dunes around Sollas area and at Lochmaddy. Occasional training from Scout Section touring Islands comprised of Seaforth Highlanders and the odd attached Lovat Scout.

Sten/Thompson/ S.F Fighting Knife (issued to all) .38 revolver (issued to all) 2x Winchester 74 with Number 42 scope/ Number 36 Grenade. Various explosive materials and sundries, including Number 10 delay switches/Det Cord/Bickford fuse.

Nothing currently

John MacDonald (North Uist) Stephen Lewins (supplied images of OB from his own source)

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